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Whether you have siblings of the opposite sex sharing, or you don’t want your child to be defined by blue/pink gender stereotypes, we have some fabulous ideas to help you create a stylish gender-neutral bedroom.


Colour is often the most significant decoration that defines the ‘gender’ of a bedroom, but just because you are creating a gender-neutral bedroom doesn’t mean that you need to eschew colour all together. Start with a neutral pallet, like light greys or creams, and then add splashes of colour with the accessories and bedding. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your colour choice – bright yellows and greens look great and really brighten a room up.

Mother and daughter decorate a bedroom


Rather than choosing specifically boys beds or girls beds, go for a bed that suits your child’s needs. Whether that is a midsleeper with a desk attached to help them find a quiet place to do their homework, or it’s a daybed that can be converted into a sofa for when their friends come over to play, pick a bed that you know they will love!


A gender-neutral bedroom does not need to be theme-less, and themed bedrooms are a great way to add a unique twist to the room. There are plenty of fabulous themes that work well, such as under-the-sea, safari, rainforest, basically, whatever your child loves. Though a word of warning, try not to overdo the theme too much. As quickly as this obsession arrives, it can be replaced by something new, so try to incorporate the theme into easily replaceable accessories, rather than things like wallpaper!

A child's bedroom including a bed with a desk from Room to Grow


Use your child’s individuality to help design the room. What do they love? What is there favourite activity? Use this to guide the room’s design. Are they into art? If so, frame and display their favourite handmade masterpieces or paint a section of the wall in blackboard paint and allow them to draw away. If they love reading, then creating a comfortable reading corner will be an instant hit. Or is their favourite sport basketball? Attach a net to the wall for them to practise their slam dunks (with soft, toy basket balls, of course). Children are fascinating small humans, allow and encourage their incredible imaginations to wonder the world and help add individuality to their own bedroom.

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