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One of the hardest things about decorating a child’s bedroom is trying to find a way to make it everything it needs to be for your little one’s busy life. From a study to a playroom to a sleepover den to a pirate ship, our kids’ rooms are all things to all imaginations. If you’re short on room (or your child is just big on stuff), creating the perfect multifunctional space can be even trickier; here are our top tips to give them an area that’s perfect for both study and play.

Separate Lives

If you’ve got space, one of the easiest ways to turn children’s bedrooms into multifunctional spaces is to have allocated areas for each activity. Having bookcases and desks in one corner and toy boxes or other playtime items in another will draw a clear line between work time and play time, as well as preventing your child from getting distracted by toys while they study.


Talking of distractions, it’s better if all toys are out of sight completely at homework time! It’s pretty much impossible to focus on anything when you’re surrounded by mess so think about investing in lots of storage so everything in your little one’s room can be tidied away properly. Tidy home, tidy mind as they say!


If you’re tight on space, separating a room out into different areas isn’t always a possibility. In this case, it’s time to go on the hunt for some multitasking furniture. High beds or loft beds usually come with built-in desks and toy storage so you can fit in furniture for both study and play in the footprint of just one bed. We especially love this Stompa Unos 28 Highsleeper with a pull-out desk; perfect for whipping out when it’s time for homework or tucking away when it’s time to play.

Peace Palette

While it can be tempting to fill your child’s bedroom with loads of bright colours, wacky murals, and eye-catching prints, it’s worth bearing in mind that – if your child is at the age where they’re going to need to start studying – over decorating might prove distracting. That’s not to say children’s bedrooms ought to be bland and boring! Use colour but try to opt for minimalism and complementary or muted tones that will create a peaceful environment that encourages concentration while looking cool and fun at the same time.

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