We have so many fond memories of being a child at Christmas, each one unique to our individual families and friends. If you’ve got little ones for the first time this festive season and you’d like to create your own family traditions, here are some of our favourites:

Decorate together

The best Christmas traditions are about spending time together so try to do as many family activities as possible. One of the most fun things to do is put up your decorations together. Not only does this save one person from the tiresome task of putting up the tree by themselves, it’s also a fun way to spend time together and make sure everyone gets an input into the decorations. Why not make a Christmas playlist to put on while you work? There’s nothing better for getting everyone in the festive spirit. Plus, every time you look at your tree, you’ll see a little bit of everyone’s personality.

Make a new tree ornament each year

Our tree ornaments are integral to our Christmas traditions, with each one stirring memories of past holidays. If you’re starting your collection now, make your ornaments even more personal than usual by crafting them yourselves as a family. Have each family member make a new ornament or create one together; either way your tree will become even more full of happy memories each year.

Have a family advent calendar

Instead of buying shop-made advent calendars each year, why not make your own calendar for all the family? It can be as simple or as fancy as you like, from a little cabinet with 25 doors to a red and green blanket with 25 pockets attached. Having your own calendar makes the Christmas countdown into a daily family event plus it means you can put more personal treats behind each door (not everyone likes chocolate, don’tcha know).

Pick a family movie

We’ve all got a certain film that, when it comes on, makes us feel really Christmassy. If you’ve got a family favourite, make a habit of watching it together on Christmas Eve. It’ll be the one thing each year that gets you really excited for Christmas Day. Choose wisely though, you’re going to be watching this film once a year for at least 18 years to come…

Give to a charity

Christmas is all about giving after all so why not use the time of year to encourage your little ones to think of others? As a family, pick a charity that you’d all like to support each Christmas then ask everyone to save up money, clothes, toys, or whatever is appropriate to donate over the holidays. You get to teach your children valuable lessons about giving and your chosen charity gets a little festive boost; it’s a win-win family tradition.




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