Major Tim Peake may have just returned from space but we can’t get enough of it (space in our homes that is).

If space is the final frontier in your house, or more specifically in your children’s bedrooms, then high sleeper loft beds are the perfect solution. Making the most of vertical space means you can pack in a bed, desk, storage, den and anything else your child needs, all in a normal-sized room. Check out some of our favourite loft beds that are so high your little ones will almost be able to touch the stars…

For Little Fashionistas

high 1

If your child has more outfits than you do, this Kids Avenue Urban High Sleeper comes with a handy built-in wardrobe and drawer to help them keep all their clothes in one place.

For Little Gamers

high 2

Have you got a kid who’s obsessed with their favourite console? Fit bedtime and playtime all into one space with the awesome Kids Avenue Urban High Sleeper 8. Not only does it have comfy built-in chair facing an LCD TV support bar, the chair even pulls out into a bed for late-night gaming sessions. It’s all a little gamer needs.

For Little Readers

high 3

If your child loves reading so much that they need their own library, look no further than the Solitaire Ultimate High Sleeper. Alongside space for a beanbag and drawers for clothes, this pretty loft bed also has its own built-in bookcase and shelves for your mini-Belles to keep their literary collection.

For Little Socialites

high 4

Does your child love to host sleepovers? Then they need this Stompa Casa 4 High Sleeper. Featuring a second bed (that can be used as a comfy sofa on non-sleepover days), this trendy loft sleeper even has lots of storage and a table space for displaying all those midnight snacks.

For Little Stylistas

high 5

Do you have a child who is very style-conscious? This Thuka Trendy 30 High Sleeper, with its minimalist desk and cool storage shelves, will be the perfect addition to their room.

For Little Ones with A LOT of Stuff

high 6

Of course in any room, small or normal-sized, storage is always the biggest problem. If your little one’s room is spilling over with clothes, toys, books and other kid paraphernalia, you need the Gami Loft Mezzanine bed. Featuring a built-in desk, cupboards, drawers, shelves, box storage space and a full-length wardrobe, this is the best way to fit a ton of storage into a small space.

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