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September is fast approaching, which also means it is that nerve wracking time of year again when the summer holidays come to an end and school is back! Whether it be your child’s very first time at ‘big school’ or they are returning to progress into the next school year, there is no doubt the experience will be daunting. Once the brand new stationery essentials have been taken care of and of course a pair of fresh school shoes, it is also important they have a suitable place to study too. Depending on the age of your child they will be definitely be bringing home work of some sort to complete and return. Whether it be a story book, spelling practice or maths equations, all require concentration and therefore a quiet area with minimal disturbance within your home.

We would all love to have the space to host a dedicated office room separate from the rest of the house for your children to make use of for school work – but of course this is not always possible. The dining room table can seem like the best idea, but also comes with the danger of being in a busy area of the home which will cause distraction. Instead, overcome this issue and consider a desk in their bedroom to enable your child to work independently and improve concentration. An established area can really encourage a love for learning to develop and give a sense of importance.

A simple but generous storage desk can easily reinvent the corner of a room into a creative work station. Say goodbye to clutter as additional storage in this design can be used to ensure a tidy therefore stress-free environment is achieved.  Any school books, folders and endless stationery can be hidden away leaving more room on the desk to spread out and focus on the job in hand. There is also room for an extra chair alongside when parents’ assistance is needed. Whilst the clean white finish will suit your child right up until their exams in teenage years, leaving your purse happy too.

During the dark Winter evenings especially you need to ensure the work station is well-lit so your child’s own personal desk lamp is a useful addition. A handy adjustable neck allows positioning at just the right angle and a simple colour choice such as white or black is perfect to ensure co-ordination with any room décor.

If free space is sparse in your home, a midsleeper bed with desk included will be an ideal solution. This  boasts a super cool desk which can be pulled out on castors from under the bed when a homework session is required, then cleverly stored away when not in use. A great space-saving feature and practical for both sleep and study all in one, plus it will work a treat all through school. This cool alternative to the standard desk is sure to make homework time fun!

For an older child, a high sleeper with spacious corner desk will be a great companion for homework sessions and can double up for crafts or pretty much anything. As the desk is positioned directly under the bed frame this uses even less floor space, making the most of every inch of your child’s bedroom.

Comfort is key for the brain to work at its best and concentrate on the job in hand, so make sure a sturdy chair is on your list too to complete the area for study. Matching options are also available to compliment the bed design and do the job perfectly. Why not brighten up the bare wall space with bold posters or inspirational wall art to finish off with a personal touch. After all the aim is to create a fantastic homework retreat and make study less of a chore but more of a fun activity!

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