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If you’re anything like us, you frequently find that your children take up a surprising amount of space for such tiny people. While we’d love to give our kids cavernous bedrooms with giant play dens full of toys, the fact is that we just don’t always have the space and this can be a mega pain when it comes to storage. If you live in a tiny home or your children’s bedrooms are just particularly small, it’s time to get creative…


“Yay, storage!”


Want a stylish and cosy, spacious room that also has a whole bunch of storage? Why not get you furniture that can do both? Multitasking items are the key to small place living and we can’t get enough of furniture that can house a bed, tv, desk, wardrobe, storage (or anything else you want!) all at the same time.


This stylish Graphite Compact bed not only includes shelves, drawers, and cupboards but also houses a nifty pull out desk.

It’s not just beds that can multitask, either. Loads of furniture is available nowadays that has storage built-in. Take this cute step stool for example, which comes with space for storing toys too.

Storage as well as steps? Storps!

(We’re working on it.)



You don’t have to buy a whole new set of furniture to make the most of your small spaces, handy storage can be added to existing furniture with a few little clever mods. The space underneath beds, for example, is one of the most underused in many houses but can be easily transformed into storage with the addition of a few simple under bed drawers.

Great for storage and for keeping the monsters from moving in.


Hit the Wall

If you haven’t got a ton of floor space, it’s a great idea to look to the walls when it comes to storage instead. You can keep it simple with classic and functional shelves like this Bunk Bed Buddy or go all out with a full Scandi-sized modular wall storage unit like the UNO S Storage G1.

Add colourful push-to-open doors to turn functional into funky.


Reach New Heights

It’s not just wall storage that helps you maximise space in small rooms, plenty of furniture is designed to make use of the height in your room rather than the floor space. Take these awesome high beds for example. Raising a bed that bit further off the ground means that you can fit a desk, sofa or another bed underneath – all with the same size footprint as a regular bed.


Similarly, tall drawer units can be a much better option than a more traditionally wide chest of drawers.

Et voila – all you need to turn a tiny space into a storage wonderland.

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