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themed baby room

One of the most enjoyable experiences of parenthood is decorating your baby’s nursery. One thing that makes it so much fun is that whatever you choose, your baby will love. Unfortunately, both the theme and your child’s love of it are outgrown by the time they reach school age. When you and your child are ready for a change, here are some things to consider when you decide upon a theme for your child’s bedroom.


You can go with the complete room makeover, buying everything from the furniture to accessories and even floor coverings in a specific theme – an easy but extremely expensive way to update the theme for your child’s room. However, most of us realise our child will not love the chosen theme for more than a few years. As they grow older and interests change, they will want something different. Therefore, keep the cost of the theme you choose reasonable by planning ahead, concentrating on room areas that make the most sense.

Share your budget with your child and let them make suggestions about how to express the theme you choose together. You will both enjoy the collaboration, plus you are more likely to come up with a theme they truly love.

Age and Use

You want to make sure the theme you choose is age-appropriate. What a six your old loves is not the same as what your teen desires.
Does your child spend hours playing in their room, or is it where they read and study? When choosing a theme for your child’s room, you need to think about what they do in their room. Creating a haven for a studious bookworm is much different than for your budding artist. Ask your child what they want and try to meet their desires, within reason. It is better to choose a broad theme, such as football, rather than a specific team, so steer them in that direction, if necessary.


When my daughter was a teen, she wanted an all-black room. I must be genetic, because her seventeen-year-old daughter now wants the same thing. I did not give in to my daughter’s plea for black walls, although I did allow black and white accessories. Needless to say, my daughter has said no to my granddaughter – funny how things change when you become a parent!
Painting your child’s room lemon yellow because she loves the colour may seem like a great idea, but remember that you can have too much of a good thing. Try one wall in that hot pink or bright blue. By the time you put furniture next to that wall and a few posters or a bulletin board, the effect is not nearly as overpowering.
Tinting white with just a bit of the colour they love also works well. Bedroom walls tinted with just a bit of blue make the walls appear white. However, the blue brings out all the other shades of blue used for bed and floor coverings, creating a cool and relaxing feeling.

• Consider a mural highlighting the theme you have chosen.
• Use stencils, wall decals, or a pre-made border with characters or objects, such as flowers or stars.
• Accessorise with posters and art work that go with the theme you choose.
It is not difficult to find a theme for your child’s room that fits their personality and is one they will love. With a bit of planning and preparation, as well as input from your child, you can create a bedroom that meets your budget, your child’s desires, and will be enjoyed and remembered

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