Holiday with Children“Family Holiday” is a phrase that can mean many different things. Some families look for adventure, others a peaceful, relaxing retreat. However your family desires to spend their vacation time, here are five destinations to avoid when going on a holiday with children.

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Although camping is the classic budget-friendly family vacation, avoid the outdoor life if your family is not composed of nature lovers. This is especially true if you have teenagers, whose life revolves around looking good, using electronics, and socializing. Very young children – infants and pre-schoolers – also may not enjoy many of the outdoor activities that require physical stamina. It is better to wait until your children are old enough to enjoy hiking and other strenuous activities.

If you do decide to camp with your family, the key is being prepared.

• Plan for safety and comfort with plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent.
• Invest in a good tent and camping equipment.
• Make sure you take plenty of easy-to-prepare food.
• Consider staying in a cabin on your first “camping” trip to see how your family adapts to the outdoor experience.


Avoid cruises when you have an infant or pre-schooler. Most ships will not allow toddlers in diapers in their kids’ clubs or allow them in their pools, either. If the ship does allow your toddler access to these areas, they will page you if your child needs changing, limiting what you are able to do. Even Disney Cruise Line has a rule against children under the age of 6 months.
If you do choose a cruise as a family vacation, pay close attention to the types of activities available for every member of your family.

Road Trips

Many of us remember vacations spent traveling in the family car, singing songs, picnicking at roadside parks, and exploring museums and other areas of interest along the way. For most families, now it is important to get to the vacation destination as quickly as possible. Plus, if you add up the cost of petrol, over-night stays, and meals, the cost of rail or plane fare frequently is less expensive than road tripping.

If you do decide to take a road trip, your children will probably spend most of the trip complaining, entertaining them with electronics, and asking, “When will we be there?” Try not to spend more than five hours on the road each day. Provide plenty of snacks and stay hydrated with cool water.

Any place Dangerous for Your Children

An African safari sounds like the adventure of a lifetime. However, young children cannot take malaria pills and there are many dangerous and unpredictable animals one may encounter. Additionally, any place with cliffs, crashing waves, or political upheavals should be avoided.

When you choose your vacation destination, research information about the time of the year you are planning your visit checking weather, availability of accommodations, and which recreational activities are available, as well as safety issues.

Seasonally Popular Places

Avoid party resorts popular with Brits — Blackpool in England, Magaluf on Majorca — that are a nightmare during the high season. However, these places are nice outside of high season; Blackpool is known for its long history as a traditional British seaside resort, and Lloret de Mar in Catalunya, has a Blue Flag beach and the one of the biggest waterparks in Europe. Also, avoid beaches in February, when Spring Break parties occur.

When choosing a vacation destination, your children’s ages really make a difference; what entertains a pre-schooler is boring for your teen. Consider the interests of each family member. Avoid the five destinations we mentioned when going on holiday with children. If a problem arises, stay calm, and be resourceful and flexible. Planning ahead helps you have a fun, memorable vacation for everyone.

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