Most parents who have at least one of each will agree that girls and boys are definitely
different. However much you try to raise your children in a gender neutral environment, children of opposite sexes do not behave the same. Whether it’s nature or nurture is quite difficult to tell, but the difference can be quite marked and boys and girls will need different parenting techniques from time to time. Let’s take a look at some of these differences and what they mean to us as parents.
What are Little Boys Made of – Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails?little-boy-sad-girl-21099292
1.They like to move it, move it! 
Boys are into motion in a big way and they prefer to watch mechanical motion rather than human motion. This is probably because baby boys are better at keeping track of moving objects and boys are generally ahead of girls when it comes to working out the laws of motion – for instance if you roll a ball down a tube it will come out at the other end.
2.Walk this Way!
There’s an old adage that goes “Girls are talkers, boys are walkers”and this does seem to have a certain amount of truth. Boys’ gross motor skills seem to develop really quickly during the pre-school years which results in more infant boys ending up in the Casualty department of the local hospital needing treatment for injuries.
3. The In Crowd!
Boys prefer crowds – they prefer looking at groups of faces rather than individual faces. This means that boys are more comfortable in group situations too and do well at team games and sports.
4. Oh What a Feeling!
Boys tend to get upset or agitated more easily than girls do and also struggle with self-soothing. This means that boys are generally less calm than girls and tend to experience greater levels of distress.
5. We Can be Heroes!
Boys are usually later than girls in expressing fear – of loud noises and other stimuli. Whether this is because they are more foolhardy or they are braver, it’s difficult to tell, but boys are often bolder than girls. What are Little Girls Made of – Sugar and Spice and
All things Nice?
6. Baby Face!
Girls are more likely to establish and maintain eye contact and are very often attracted to individual face, especially women’s faces. Girls are also better at reading emotional expressions and will notice if Mum is distressed from the look on her face. Boys take longer to notice and suss out facial expressions.
7.  Jive Talking!
Girls usually start using gestures earlier than boys – pointing and waving to let parents know what they want (what they really, really want). Girls will generally start talking earlier and usually talk more during their early years than boys do. At the age of 16 months, girls can usually produce up to 100 words, whereas boys may only have grasped about 30 words.
8.Listen – Do you Want to Know a Secret?
As well as excelling at talking, girls are usually better at listening than boys. Girls seem to be more attuned to the human
voice and prefer that sound to any other. Girls are more likely than boys to become engaged when being talked to.
9.Hand Jive!
In the early years, girls usually develop earlier than boys when it comes to fine motor skills and dexterity. This means that they are quicker when it comes to manipulating toys, using table utensils and even writing.
10. She’s a Copycat!
Girls are usually brilliant mimics and will copy parents and caregivers more so than boys do. Because babies and infants learn by imitation, this can lead to girls actually developing slightly quicker than boys.However much of a difference we notice between parenting boys and girls, it still doesn’t change the fact that they are our kids and we love them just the same. Vive le difference.

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