Wooden Growth Chart


Via thepinningmama.com

What you need:

1 Wooden Fence Post

Paint (Grey)

Acrylic Paint (Dark Brown and Light Blue)

Tape Measure


Paint the wooden fence post with the grey paint and let it dry.

Using the dry brushing technique distress the post with the dark brown acrylic paint.

Line up a tape measure against the board (start at the 6/8 inch mark if you need room to hang the board above the skirting board)

Using a black sharpie mark the foot and inch markers down the side with a ruler to keep the likes straight and even. You could also use your brown paint for this if you prefer. Mark up to your desired height.

After the markers are drawn in, you can use a stencil or free-hand to add the numbers 1-6 at the foot markers.

To finish, dry brushed over the numbers to help them blend in to the distressed look.

Via The Pinning Mama

Baby Shower Art

baby shower art

Via veronikasblushing.com

What you need:

Your baby shower/congratulations cards

1 Poster board cut to fit the frame

Piece of card cut into shape of a heart



Picture Frame


Collate all the cards you wish to use.

With each card, trace the heart card around an area you wish to use and cut out the heart shape.

Glue each cut-out heart shape onto the poster board – you can arrange them how you wish but 4 rows of 6 looks fab!

Put your finished picture into the picture frame.

Via Veronika’s Blushing

YoYo Dresser Drawer Pulls


What you need:

Wooden Yo-Yos


1″- to 4″ long hanger bolt depending on thickness of drawer panel





Pre-drill a hole slightly smaller than hanger bolt into back centre of yo-yo.

Twist hanger bolt into hole with pliers.

Insert bolt into hole in front of drawer and fasten tightly with nut.

Via Parents


Crayon Monogram


Via chiccheapnursery.com


What you need:

Picture Frame

Print out a large letter on piece of paper that fits picture frame

1 Poster board to fit the picture frame

Variety of different coloured crayons

Sharp Knife

Cutting Board

Glue gun


Arrange different coloured crayons over the letter

Cut crayons to correct length using a sharp knife and cutting board

Using a glue gun stick each individual crayons in place

Once all the crayons are in place glue the paper onto the poster board.

Place in picture frame and hang on your wall.

Via A Mom With A Lesson Plan


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