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Easter falls kindly this year on Sunday April 20 meaning lighter evenings and milder weather, make the most of it with these playful family activities.

Although Easter is a religious holiday it can still be enjoyed by many due to some of the interesting and enjoyable rituals that have evolved around the day. Indeed much like Christmas, Easter has a number of activities that are quite enjoyable no matter what your faith or beliefs, especially for children.

Chocolaty Fun

Of course what would Easter be without the Easter Basket, filled to the brim with Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and other sweet little treats? What child wouldn’t like waking up on Easter morning to find a chocolate egg? Many parents like to hide the eggs as well, the cause of many a frantic, mayhem-filled dash through every cupboard, closet and cranny in the house by whatever child lived there.

Hand Painted Eggs

Coloring hard-boiled eggs is also another interestingly weird but enjoyable pastime that accompanies the Easter festivities. Hard-boiled eggs seem to have a weird proclivity for being ‘cute’ when painted. Indeed, one of the favourite things I remember as a child was a kit that allowed you to make feet and a crown for your egg out of cardboard and tape, turning it into a King or Queen. Wonderful!

Then of course there’s the Easter Bunny. What more can you say about a giant Bunny that gives out sweets and coloured eggs. For a child it makes perfect sense and the Easter Bunny rivals good old Father Christmas himself for popularity.

Family Time

The tradition of dressing ‘in your Easter Sunday best’ for church on Easter Sunday transcends many religions.  It’s a rite of spring for many and a welcome to the coming beautiful weather. Ladies and their gentlemen put out their finest and the boys and girls join in too. The effect can be delightful, especially if you happen to be lucky enough to have a beautiful Easter day, weather-wise, with lots of warm sun and garden fresh breezes.

Egg hunt

Finally we have the Easter Egg Hunt, that annual childhood dash to find chocolate and plastic eggs filled with sweets and presents. One of the most vivid in my mind is the year that more than 200 kids were involved when I was a boy! It was the most screaming I’d ever heard in my life on a Sunday and it was also the most fun. It seems that the younger the children are the more fun it is to watch as an adult,  delighted in seeing their reactions to the prizes that they found in the park, the garden or even just the living room.

In the end no matter what religion you celebrate Easter has a number of traditions that can be enjoyed by everyone. So happy Easter and may the Easter Bunny be generous and your dentist bills low.

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