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Every child loves their own space – a place that reflects their personality and serves as a retreat. There are effortless ways your child can personalise their space with your help. When your child’s room is personalised, they gain a sense of pride in the room. If your child loves their space, they are more likely to keep it neat and clean. Additionally, a personalized room helps your child express their individuality.

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Part of creating a space your child can call their own is getting them involved in the process. To do so consider the following:

Use Your Child’s Favourites

Research indicates that children begin showing a colour preference as early as 12 weeks. Additionally, they prefer “cool” colours such as pink, blue, and green over “warm” colours like red and dark purple. Keep this in mind when helping your child choose a colour for their room. In addition to using their favourite colour, consider letting them choose an age-appropriate theme. A themed wall mural or colourful border creates an excellent focal point for your child’s room.

Use Your Child’s Name

Using your child’s name to label room areas and possessions is a quick way to personalize their room. Consider a plaque with their name on the door or a wall border repeating their name. Alternatively, create fancy framed rendition of their name in bold printed letters.

Display Their Creations

Even the youngest child loves to see the things they create. Consider an area where your pre-schooler can draw on the wall. When your child is older, display selected special art in frames. Post school assignments with excellent grades on your elementary child’s wall. Additionally, have a place for trophies, certificates, and hobby related creations such as model cars, ceramics, or even bug collections. Display areas can fit into awkward alcoves or the empty places above doors. Or try a shelf placed around the wall about eight inches below the ceiling as an ideal display area.

Personalize Your Child’s Furniture

Make sure you have the right size age-appropriate furniture for your child. A pre-schooler needs a table for colouring and simple crafts; your school-aged child a desk for homework; and your teen an entertainment centre and place for their computer.

Consider a themed bed such as a car, space ship, or a castle. Loft and high beds provide space underneath for storage, play, or a study area. If you child is the age where they have friends over a great deal, consider bunk beds. Paint wood and metal furniture frames in your child’s favourite colours or add themed bed coverings.

Tips for Personalizing Your Child’s Room

  • Add family portraits and pictures of extended family.
  • Let your child be involved in the decorating decisions as much as is appropriate for their age.
  • Remember that a child’s preferences change rapidly, so use paint rather than paper for the walls.
  • Use themed area rugs for floor surfaces as they can be cleaned easily and changed when your child’s interests change.

When you personalize your child’s room, you will have an environment that will help your child feel safe and secure. The clever use of colour, displayed creations, and, most importantly, the use of your child’s favourites, provides effortless ways your child can personalise their space.

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