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Homework.  Was there ever another word in the English language that could evoke such dread among our children?  The average child spends a good portion of their after-school time complaining about homework more than they actually do  doing their homework.

The simple fact is, however, that homework is a vital task that not only gets them good grades now but will help them have a good career and a good life later.  Not only is homework valuable for learning a specific subject but learning how to do homework can actually help prepare a person for adult life and the adult jobs that come with it.

It is for this reason that encouraging your children to do their homework is so very important. Doing homework every day gives children a routine that, in later years, will pay off when they have a project due, need to finish a report or even need to get the bills paid on time.  It’s really an important skill and, if learned well, can be used as a great foundation for later accomplishments.

Encouraging your children on a daily basis to get their homework done may seem like you’re nagging or being a pain but, on the contrary, you’re setting your kids up to be successful in school, in University and in life. Good study habits are born of good homework habits and the children that study the best and do their homework all the time are always the ones that do the best, get the best grades, and become to most successful people.

If your child isn’t big on doing their homework (and few are) you’ll need to be vigilant if you want them to keep up with it. Of course there are some children that will do it on their own and there are some that might even be able to get by without much studying but frankly they are few and far between.  The average (and even above average) child needs to put in at least an hour if not 2 or 3 of studying per day to really keep up and know the subject.  If not they risk falling behind as their classes get harder and more complex.

So do your child a favor and encourage them to study every single day.  They only have a few short years to learn all the important basics that they’ll use their entire lives and, if they don’t learn them now, they will have a hard time catching up later.  Plus good homework habits lead to other good habits down the road. It’s tough sometimes, we know, but keep it up because the results will be well worth it.

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