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One of the most important and vital needs of every child is that of a good night’s sleep. Truth be told, everyone needs a good night’s sleep but children need it much more than adults. The reason is simple; a child’s body is changing constantly and rapidly and sleep is the best way to make sure that those changes occur naturally and without interference.

 Now that we know that sleep is so important for children, the question becomes; what can be done to make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep every single night?

The answer to that is simple; exercise.

The simple fact is that a child that gets sufficient exercise will have no choice but to sleep soundly because their body will be so exhausted from exercise that it will need and crave sleep. Not only that but exercise will help regulate the hormones that help to induce sleep, making a good night’s sleep easier, less fitful and deeper.

This is all easier said than done of course. Today, as many of you parents already know, getting the kids outside and running around isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be. There are lots of things pulling them away including television, video games, smart phones and other electronic distractions, all of which exercise nothing more than a few of their fingers. Making sure that yours get the exercise they need is thus a constant challenge.

Babies as well need exercise in order to sleep better and more soundly. While it may seem that they sleep the day away already, if you keep a baby occupied and moving around when awake he or she will naturally sleep better and with higher amounts of the important deep sleep that they need when you put them down for the night.

For your teenagers getting enough sleep is vitally important as well. Not only do teens have to contend with all of the changes to their body they have to cope with changes in their personality and the world around them. Thoughts, fears and worries can make it difficult for a teenager to sleep well but exercise can help greatly. Studies have shown that teenagers who get the right amount of sleep perform better in school in school and have stronger relationships with their parents, and those same studies have shown that the kids who sleep the best get the most exercise; we’re great supporters of the Family Camping Reviews campaign to help unearth the outdoors kid, they are trying to incorporate what is it to be a kid into exercise; something that we think may have been lost through computer games.

All of which leads to one simple conclusion; children need a good night’s rest and exercise is one of the best ways to make sure that they get it.



As a parent one of the best ways to get your child up and exercising is to exercise with them. In fact, turning exercise into family fun time is one of the best ways we know to make sure your children get the exercise, and the sleep, that they’d so desperately need. Even better, mum and dad get some much needed exercise at the same time. Everyone wins!

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