It goes without saying that the time leading up to a new arrival can be nerve-wracking. You’re going to be embracing lots of new changes (and, perhaps, a few sleepless nights!) after baby arrives so it’s a good idea to get as ready as possible beforehand so that you can both settle in easily at home while you get to know each other.

One thing you definitely won’t want to be doing is decorating and furnishing your nursery so follow our handy hints and tips to make sure you’re perfectly prepared before you bring home your little bundle.

Peace and Quiet

Your new nursery should be a place of tranquility to give your baby the best environment for sleeping and relaxing so, if possible, choose the quietest room in the house. Make sure there are no bright overhead lights too, subdued lighting is best.

Sleep Easy

While you may want to keep them nearby for the first few months, babies often eventually transition into their own nursery cot so you’ll want to choose one wisely; go for a sturdy design with slats that are close enough together that the baby could get its head stuck. Make sure to place your cot away from the window (both to escape draughts and to stop baby having something to pull themselves up with when they start to become more independent!) and away from radiators. Equip your cot with a firm cot bed mattress and make sure it fits snugly into the cot with no gaps around the edges.

Mum, New Mum

Whether or not you’re a gadget fan, it can be a good idea to go a little James Bond when it comes to equipping your nursery. Most people have baby monitors but did you know it can be a good idea to install a thermometer to make sure the room is kept at a safe temperature? Make life easier for yourself by installing a changing unit to keep everything in order too.

Think Ahead

Your little bundle of joy might happily lay in his or her cot to begin with but it’s a good idea to prep your nursery with a more mobile child in mind. Make sure there’s nothing around the cot that little one can pull themselves up with or get tangled in; cots should be kept away from blind cords or curtain ties and mobiles should be at a safe height that’s out of reach. It’s also a good idea to remove any tripping hazards such as loose rugs while wall storage is a good idea to keep your little one safe from pulling furniture down on themselves.

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