We’ve all heard of Facebook – just about everybody is doing it these days from kids, through adults and all the way to grandparents – we’re all Facebooking.  When my first grandchild was born late last year I was fascinated to find that my daughter was spending loads of time on Facebook connecting with other new mums, both locally and in far flung places.  She joined several groups for new parents and has made several new friends who have babies of about the same age.

My daughter has found Facebook to be an invaluable resource on all things ‘baby’.  It’s much better than just having a book on baby care as she can discuss stuff with other young mums in real time to find out their experiences on all manner of subjects to do with babies and parenthood. 

There are several groups on Facebook where parents buy and sell baby clothing – passing on stuff baby has grown out of and buying items that other mums are selling when their babies have grown out of them.  It’s not just clothes either – my daughter has bought some fab bedding for the nursery.  She’s also bought some baby toys that she managed to get for a fraction of the price they were new and everything so far has been in tip top condition.

Facebook is a social media platform that has become decidedly ‘social’.  My daughter has met new friends with similar aged babies who live nearby and they use Facebook to organise parent and baby meetings and play dates.  This means that instead of being stuck at home with a new baby, my daughter has a crowd of new friends that she can communicate with from the comfort of home.  She’s also been going out to ‘sling meets’ and play dates – she even found her baby swim classes through Facebook.

Of course, at seven months, my granddaughter is far too young to have a Facebook account yet, but her mum and dad post photos of her on Facebook most days.  This is great for grandparents – I live abroad and the other set of grandparents live at the other end of the country.  Both sets of grandparents look forward to the daily baby pic, waiting to see what the baby is wearing and what she’s getting up to. 

I recently watched a video of baby in her new bouncer which my daughter had posted on Facebook – it’s a great way of keeping in touch on a daily basis, especially for grandparents who live so far away.  Instead of missing all the daily achievements, we manage to keep in touch with what’s going on in real time. 

No doubt, as my granddaughter gets older she’ll have her own Facebook account, but for now, watching her development on a daily basis means that I’m not missing out by being so far away.

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