After such a long and glorious summer, it’s been a shock to the system this week, as the autumn is finally making an appearance. Now that everyone is back at school and the nights are drawing in, it’s a good time to get wrapped up and head outside to enjoy the glorious changes that the season has brought.

The countryside is awash with colour, and children of all ages will delight in running through the crunchy leaves, rolling in them, kicking and throwing them. They can be collected into piles to make castles to hide behind or arranged into giant pictures and brought home in bags for craft projects on the rainy days.

Don’t forget to pick up some blackberries, twigs, pine cones, conkers and acorns either. It’s a great opportunity to introduce science to your child, when they question you about the changes of nature, and you can explain how the leaves always have these colours chlorophyll has broken down the green colouring so that it is visible, and that the seeds and berries help to make new trees, as well as providing food for the animals.

When the rain comes, it’s a great opportunity to don the waterproofs, puddle splash until you are soaked and then run home for some hot chocolate and a big cuddle. Dig out the seeds, berries and leaves you have collected and create some autumn art. Check out some of the amazing art and activities that this time of year can inspire.

Sensory play is important to include in activities for young people, it helps to make sense of the world, can have a wonderful calming influence and builds important neural connections related to thinking and learning. It can be any play that involves touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing and this time of year there is inspiration all round us. Spending an afternoon squashing home made blackberry or spiced playdough together or sorting out your leaves and seeds all come into this category and my view is; the messier the better.

So don’t look out of the window gloomily because the summer has passed, embrace the changes, put on your boots and coats and go have a whole different kind of adventure.

Written by our regular contributor Catherine.

Website: http://www.mummylion.co.uk
Twitter: @mummylion

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