Family holidays should be fun, fun, fun – wherever you go and whatever you do.  It’s your chance as parents to relax, kick back and enjoy some great times with your kids.  However, for some parents, family holidays can be stressful – there’s so much to plan and organise (and pay for!) and it can be a lot more difficult to keep the kids from getting bored when they don’t have access to all their toys and games.  However, with a bit of careful advance planning, you can make sure that the kids are entertained at all times and that the holiday goes smoothly.Kids Packing for Holidays


Whether you’re travelling to your holiday destination by road, air or train, you’ll need to keep the kids occupied on the journey.  Playing games on the way is a great idea and there are no end of games to choose from that need no equipment – just a willing adult and the kids participating:

  • I-Spy is a great game that even the little ones can join in.  Make sure it’s age appropriate at all times and be prepared for some funny mistakes (my nephew once chose the letter M and we all racked our brains for ages until he revealed that he’d ‘spied’ a (re)Mote Control.
  • Memory Games like “I went to the shop and bought….” – everybody gets to add a new item and whoever forgets something on the list is out – the last person still in is the winner.
  • Alphabet Games are great – cities, countries, animals, etc.  The first person names an animal and the next has to name another animal beginning with the last letter of the previous animal and so on.  You can keep this going for ages and it’s educational too.


Allow each child to take a few favourite toys on the holiday – each can pack a small rucksack with a couple of toys, a favourite book or two and some colouring/drawing tools and a sketchbook.  This means that each child will have stuff to play with, books to read and something to do at all times.  Try to get the kids to choose toys/games that they can share with siblings, this will mean a good variety of toys/books that they can all enjoy.  Choosing toys that can be shared in this way is a great way of promoting co-operation and consideration for others in your children.

Everything will need to fit into the rucksack which they will be responsible for carrying themselves.  Not only will this keep the kids occupied, it will make them take responsibility for both choosing their own stuff to take and then carrying the stuff themselves.  Encouraging a sense of responsibility in this way will do wonders for your child’s ability to be independent and self-reliant.

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