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There are so many family fun activities in Yorkshire that picking only four to share with you is extremely difficult. If the ones mentioned here do not fit with your family’s needs and interests, do not hesitate to check out other options. Your family could easily spend a week in Yorkshire and never be bored.

View Aquatic Life in The Deep

The main attraction of The Deep, located Hull, East Yorkshire, is the variety of aquatic life, some of which may be totally new to your family. You can actually walk under the main tank and take an elevator up through it. There is also a tropical tank and smaller habitat tanks. Make sure you see the rare Australian sawfish. With over 3,500 fish, interactive and audio visual presentations, a children’s area, and a restaurant, you can spend the majority of the day here.

The Deep is close to Hull Marina, the Museums Quarter, and City Centre, so there is a great deal to do in this area.

Get to Know Knights

The Royal Armouries in the Clarence Docks area of Leeds has plenty of activities for your children. Begin your visit with a free guided tour to find out all the museum has available, then browse at your leisure and let your children visit areas specifically designed for their age group.

Older children will enjoy demonstrations of jousting, falconry, and war horses. Then treat them to a free handling session where they are able to try on a helmet or wield a sword.

A special play area for younger children called the Jester’s Yard offers dress-up clothes for pretend princesses and knights. Here they can try to juggle and make shields, crowns, and sword to take home.

Your baby or toddler will enjoy the soft-play area and the storybook corner. You may want to warn younger children of potential surprise fencing by some of the knights in the galleries.

View the Jorvik Viking Centre

The goal of the Viking Centre is to provide an understanding of the Viking life, which is accomplished thanks to the archaeological find of a 1,000 year old Viking city where the center is located. York gets its name from this site – Jorvik. A time capsule takes your family through the ancient city of Jorvik, where you will see the Viking’s daily life and even have sensory experiences – a blast of smoke from the blacksmith’s furnace and the smell of stew being cooked. You will find out where the Vikings came from, why they came to Jorvik, how they lived, and how and when they died.

The Centre offers special events, some of which are free and some with additional fees. Check the Centre’s website for details of events taking place during your visit.

Escape to the Xscape

On the internet, The Xscape center in Castleford near Leeds is billed “The ultimate entertainment destination, where you can play eat and shop all under one roof!” This is not an exaggeration. The center has 430,000 square feet of activities and extreme sports. Here you will find bowling; a glow in the dark, mini golf course; an indoor skateboard park; a soft-play area for toddlers; the 4,000 square foot Lazerzone; and two rock-climbing walls.

Bars, restaurants, and shops provide an opportunity for a relaxing break. There is also a cinema offering the latest films. Check on-line for special offers and coupons before your visit.

There are many other interesting and unique places to visit in and around Yorkshire. Your family will have plenty of adventurous activities to keep them busy and stimulate their imaginations. A trip to Yorkshire will provide an experience to remember for years to come.

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