Much like how every child can be sorted into one of four Hogwarts houses, every dad can be sorted into one of five different Dad Types.


As Father’s Day dawns, identifying your partner’s Dad Type will make gift-buying a breeze – all you need to do is look at our guide to each different Dad Type and the gifts they’ll love.


Business Dad


What’s he like?  Hardworking and driven, Business Dad has to work probably a little more than he’d like to but loves his downtime with his family.


What’ll he love? Business Dads love gifts that are practical but will remind them of home when they’re at work. We personally love this personalised business card holder for that reason – plus you can pop a little family photo inside to brighten his working day.


Big Kid Dad


What’s he like? Most often found rolling around on the floor with the kids or doing an impersonation from the last family film you watched, it’s sometimes hard to tell who’s the kid and who’s the dad in Big Kid Dad’s family.


What’ll he love? Toys, of course! Big Kid dad will love anything he can play with his children – we think you can’t go wrong with a remote control helicopter.


Hipster Dad


What’s he like? In touch with what’s hot in fashion and entertainment, he knows all about the newest gadgets and has a profile on all the latest social networks; he is Hipster Dad. Obsessed with new tech and oh-so-stylish, Hipster Dad can most often be found uploading cute pics of his kids to Instagram.


What’ll he love? If he’s yet to use up the beard grooming kit you got him last year, you can buy him this painfully cool retro instant camera instead.


Chef Dad


What’s he like? Delighting both his kids and partner with gourmet style meals every evening, Chef Dad loves TV cookery shows and can most often be found in the kitchen whipping up his latest recipe ideas.


What’ll he love? Anything food-related is sure to please Chef Dad but this BBQ grill that can be used both indoors and outdoors will surely make his Father’s Day.


Handy Dad


What’s he like? If he’s not tinkering with the car in the garage, he can be found fixing, building, or decorating elsewhere in the house. Handy Dad loves DIY, even if DIY doesn’t always love him.


What’ll he love? Personalised tools are one good bet but we think Handy Dad will find this magnetic wristband the most useful when he’s got a screw loose.



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