It’s been maybe a year since you gave birth and you kind of hoped that all the extra baby weight would have magically vanished by now. You’re so tired, all your money and energy goes into looking after your small new person. You don’t want to buy new clothes in your current size because you don’t intend to stay that size for long.


But you feel frumpy, and though you love your baby to bits, you kind of wish that they had eaten a few more pounds from your hips while they were on the inside. Maybe your body has changed shape and your tummy might look a lot different to what it used to. There’s no way you could afford fancy trainers or a gym membership but you wouldn’t mind doing something to get a bit of energy back and drop a few pounds.


I bet your baby loves to jig up and down in your arms though, don’t they? Or look at the ducks and the things in the shops. You could start with just a twenty minute walk along the canal or park, every day. The daylight will do you both good. You’re reading this blog, so I assume you have the internet. There is so much free exercise- related information out there now and you don’t need fancy equipment, just a smartphone or an internet connection.


Speaking for Google Play -and I imagine there are even more for the iPhone – there are some really great Yoga apps that you can download. If you’ve not got a smartphone, YouTube provides yoga workouts. Yoga will get your strength and flexibility back and I bet your little one will join in too. There’s no need to feel self-concious in a class, this can all be done with nobody watching.


You’ll probably need to strengthen your pelvic floor and realign your posture and again, YouTube is a goldmine. Look for core strengthening exercises.


If you want faster results, or a more intensive workout, try Tabata, again, there are apps and YouTube workouts. Tabata is a short very intensive workout – about seven minutes long but you will be working very hard in those seven minutes. You might want to get your hands on a sports bra for these ones though, and put your baby somewhere that they won’t get jumped on. They will love joining in when they are older. As long as you land on the balls of your feet and not full foot or heel, you won’t need to wear trainers, but maybe Google barefoot running first to make sure you’re not damaging your joints.


Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise regime though, and go slowly. Be kind to yourself, your body has done an amazing thing, it has grown a new life, and it will take time to heal. One thing more than yesterday is something, start slowly and it will grow. You have everything you need inside you already.

Written by our regular contributor Catherine.

Website: http://www.mummylion.co.uk
Twitter: @mummyliion

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