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Being mummy to three little girls means that I have a tough job outside of my office hours. My beautiful daughters love the great outdoors and when we are together they love being out and exploring. With Half terms comes extra effort to keep the kids occupied but I dislike paying out money on every adventure we go on. I was bought up where money was short but with the important value of doing days out for free and nothing commercial and this is what I have always tried to teach my children. You don’t need to do all those things where money is needed. You just need to get those shoes or wellies on, grab your hat and scarf and head outdoors.

Our favourite picks;


Autumn Walks with muddy puddles



All three can be done with all three of my children.

Aged 5,4 and 18 months old my little ladies enjoy visiting local parks comparing slides and monkey bars. Going on the slides and seeing how high they can go and exploring the climbing frames

Autumn walks mean collecting conkers, leaves, sticks and splashing around in puddles. My daughters love taking a bucket out each and collecting their own Autumn stash. Creating an Autumn table at home is really fun and tracing over a leaf looking at the imprint.


Visits to our local beaches (yes we have several living on the coast) always resorts in a very sandy car which is something I have lived with for a very long time. Invest in a hand held Hoover to make the experience a little less stressful. I honestly don’t mind sand getting everywhere. Well, except my sandwiches ! Digging holes, making sandcastles and creating a trail with footprints takes up hours.

When we need a day at home, we often venture into the garden to see what we can find! Armed with a tub and wellies, the fun of a bug hunt begins! No soil or plant is left unturned. Chalk drawings are also really fun. All you need is chalk and a patio and you leave them to it for hours. From giant rainbows, to practising writing their names, this is a really easy way to keep the kids entertained. No cleaning up needed as the rain will do this for you 😉


What do you and your kids enjoy doing that doesn’t cost money?


Written by our regular contributor Emma.

Twitter: @theprmummy

All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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