db_file_img_15950_product_main_imageKeeping children entertained is an ongoing battle and bearing in mind their bedrooms are where they spend a lot of their time, it’s important to provide them with a fun, stimulating environment that they’ll want to sleep, play and do their homework in! Completely re-decorating your child’s bedroom can be a daunting prospect and finding the right time can be hard, so we’ve put together some ideas and tips that you can use to freshen up the look and feel of a bedroom. You don’t have to make big changes to have an impact; there are lots of little ways you can make a difference.

Duvet Cover

It might not sound exciting, but getting a new duvet cover can really make a lasting impression in a bedroom. Beds are probably the largest item in your child’s bedroom, so getting a patterned, bold duvet colour can be a great way to bring new colours into a room that complements the existing decorations and colour-scheme.


With a lick of paint or some new accessories, you can turn the bland headboard of a bed into something much more interesting and attractive. Usually boards are left plain, but they offer a great opportunity to get creative and personalise a child’s bed. You could do something as simple as painting your child’s name or get a bit more adventurous and start sketching out their favourite Disney characters!

Wall Stencils

Wall stencils are a fun, interactive way to freshen up your child’s bedroom and they can be cost-effective too. The world is your oyster and you can choose from animal prints, flowers, spaceships or anything that your child has taken an interest in. Getting your children to help paint the stencils onto walls increases the excitement around the project and the end result can look really effective too.


Colourful bunting is an easy, cost-effective way to add some vibrancy to your child’s bedroom and decorate the room. All you need is to decide on are the patterns and colours that will best suit the room. You can make it yourself and even get your child to help you!


Like duvets, a new rug can become a centre-point in a bedroom. There are plenty of colourful, whacky designs out there that can change the look and feel of a bedroom in one simple step.  A rug can fit in with your current colour scheme and act as a practical way to cover up any spills and protect your carpet.


Under bed storage is a fantastic way to hide any clutter in your child’s bedroom, quickly and easily and give the room a fresh, tidy look. Cube storage shelves are also a really good way of de-cluttering your child’s bedroom and they can also showcase any photos and toys that your child wants out on display for people to see. Colourful storage boxes also add some decoration to a room and act as a practical way of clearing a room of clutter.

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