Help your kids celebrate Best Friends Day on June 08 by having a sleepover with their best friends. For girls, staying up late practicing with new hairstyles and make-up techniques and talking all night create memories that last a lifetime. If your boys are into sports, a sleepover is a great time to watch a movie about a famous athlete. To make sure everyone has the best time imaginable, consider the following ways to make the sleepover truly fantastic.


Maximize and Prepare the Space

Many kids come to sleepovers with bedrolls or sleeping bags and will need a space on the floor for sleeping. Even if you have trundle or bunk beds for guests, a sleepover generally does not have a bed for everyone. Maximize your floor space by moving the furniture against the walls wherever possible.

You may wish to remove some smaller items, such as a nightstand or floor lamp, until after the sleepover. With boys, it is a good idea to remove anything breakable, just in case.

Establish Some Rules

Your sleepover will be less chaotic if you establish some guidelines and rules up front. If there is one bathroom, you want the guests to use, show them where it is. Make sure you have plenty of hand towels for drying dirty hands after washing.

If you have household rules you expect your kid’s guest to follow, let everyone know what they are upfront to avoid confrontations later. If you do not let your kids go to certain websites, make sure their friends know which ones you expect them to avoid. If you are concerned computer use may not adhere to your rules, remove the CPU from the room before the sleepover.

Set a time for the guests to leave; after a late breakfast works well. Remember, it is best to have the kids leave when they are still having a good time. Tired kids get cranky, so send them home before conflicts develop.

Create a Haven for Fun

Although many parents have a rule of “no food in the bedrooms,” a sleepover is a time to relax the rules a bit. Once you kid and their friends are ensconced in the bedroom, they will probably wish to stay there. Consider using a large tray to convey snacks to the room. Make sure drink cups have lids and straws to help prevent spills, or purchase a large canister designed to dispense liquid refreshment and stir up some punch. Choose snacks that are relatively mess-free such as pretzels and small bite-sized cookies.


Prepare for Sleeping

It is best to make sure your bunk or trundle bed is made up with clean bed coverings before the guests arrive. Depending on the age and personality of your child, you may decide to prepare their room so they can conveniently have sleepovers often. You can choose from a wide variety of options – bunk beds, trundle beds, and chairs or sofas that convert to a bed.

Set a bedtime for your Best Friends Day sleepover. The kids will probably continue talking, but having them lie down with the lights off will induce relaxation and quiet so that you and other members of the household can get some sleep.

Best Friends Day is a time to let those you are closest to know how much you care. For your kids, this is a perfect time for a sleepover. Following the advice in this article can guarantee a successful and fun experience for everyone involved.

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