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These past few weeks it’s either been snowing, snow has been melting, or we’ve been threatened with snow! But actually I love it. It makes the ground look so soft and fresh, and it also means new activities to do with the children too. Here are my top picks!

1) Get back to basics and make a snow person or sculpture! These days Olaf from Frozen is a popular snow person to make – or be more original and think of your own!

2) Make ice spheres – fill balloons with water and food colouring and put in your freezer. When frozen put outside and peel off the latex and voila! You’ll be left with a lovely ice sphere!

3) Put toys, e.g. lego men into icetrays then leave outside overnight. Give your children little tools to “excavate” and talk about the best methods for getting them out. Great for fine motor skills as well as conversation!

4) Sledging! If you have a reasonable slope nearby and the snow is deep enough then this is SUCH good fun! If you don’t have a sledge then you can probably find something else around that the house that will do! Have races if it’s safe to do so, or experiment with speeds on different size slopes.

5) Paint on the snow! Fill water bottles with watered down paint and make patterns in the snow. Practise name writing, drawing faces and the rest!

Loads of ideas – so get your wellies on and get out there!


Written by our regular contributor Heather.

Twitter: @bargainmummy1

All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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