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If you’ve got a mini man in your household, you’ll know that little boys’ imaginations are limitless. One day you might have an astronaut at breakfast, the next a pirate staging a full blown battle in the back garden. If your little one has a favourite character to play, a fun themed bedroom is a great way to get that imagination fired up. Here are some of our favourites!

Treat them to a bedroom that goes to infinity, and beyond.

Treat them to a bedroom that goes to infinity, and beyond.

For Little Cowboys

From galloping across the desert to sleeping in a teepee under the stars, a cowboy-themed bedroom brings a touch of the Wild West into your home. Think teepee-shaped beds, wigwam play dens, teepee tents, and cool Wild West-themed furniture.

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For Little Pirates

Avast me hearties! Pirates be the fiercest fellows on the Seven Seas and their bedrooms need to a provide a place where they can relax after all that swashbuckling. Think a rocking pirate ship, fun pirate-themed bedding, Under the Sea free wall decals, and – of course – a chest where they can keep all their toys… er, we mean treasure.

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For Little Space Explorers

If your little one is a constant explorer or always asking questions, an astronaut-themed room is the way to go. Smart, brave, and curious, astronauts need futuristic rooms with star-themed accessories, cool metal furniture, and high-tech high-sleeper beds with space-themed tents that’ll help them get one step closer to the stars.

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For Little Builders

If your little ones loves all things mechanical and can’t get enough of his trucks,diggers, and building blocks, you can’t go wrong with a construction-themed room. Think transport wall decals, construction-themed bedding, and trucks and diggers-themed accessories.

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For Little Knights

They say a man’s home is his castle so we guess that the same goes for a little boy’s bedroom. If your little man is always doing noble deeds and helping out around the house, he deserves a castle-themed room fit for the finest of knights. Adorn the walls with Knights Tales decals, install a pretend stone floor, and pop in a castle-themed under bed play tent.

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