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Children love to have their friends sleep over. You can make the experience enjoyable for your child and easier for you by choosing the best furniture for fuss free sleepovers. To do so, choose one of the following.


Bunk Bed

Every child loves a bunk bed. Remember that children under six should not be on the top bunk. Bunk beds come in many colours and styles, so you can find one that will fit in your child’s room no matter what decorating theme you have. Additionally, bunk beds work for your children for many years, usually until they become teenagers.


Daybed with an Underbed

Teen rooms are perfect for a daybed with an underbed that pulls out to sleep a guest. Add colourful pillows and overhead lighting to make a perfect reading and sleeping area. Some have the pull-out trundle hidden behind dummy drawer fronts.

Single Hideaway Bed

Another good sleepover bed is a single hideaway bed with a pull out guest bed that rises to the same level as the main bed. When the pull out bed is not being used, the bed appears to be a plain, single bed. This bed is a great space saver and especially useful if sleepovers are spontaneous, as the bed can be partially made up when stowed.

Couch Bed with Trundle

Couch beds are solid, sturdy single beds with back and side rails allowing them to double up as a sofa by day and a bed at night. These beds come with low or high back and side rails, so you can choose one appropriate for your child’s age and size. Their sturdy style makes them perfect for active kids of elementary school age. The pull-out under bed trundle is perfect for sleepover guests.

Chair Bed

Chair beds come in either double or single size. When not pulled out, the bed appears to be a free-standing chair or small couch. When not being used for a sleepover, these chair beds are perfect for sitting and relaxing, reading, or watching television.

High Bed with Chair

A high bed with a chair that extends to provide a guest bed for a sleepover does double duty providing relaxing under bed seating when not being used as a guest bed for a sleepover. This clever piece of furniture is perfect for a tween or teen who wants a comfortable and cosy sitting area on a daily basis and a somewhat private place for a guest to sleep.

Highsleeper with Double Sofa Bed

If your tween or teen invites multiple sleepover guests, a highsleeper with a double sofa bed is perfect. When guests are not spending the night, the double sofa provides a place to sprawl, study, read, and relax.

Sleepover beds come in many sizes and styles. A bed designed for visiting guests does not have to take up additional bedroom space and can serve as an attractive, multi-functional piece of furniture. With the many choices available, it is easy to find the best furniture for your child’s fuss free sleepovers.

A great tip for when they are stayign away from home – check out our Snuggle Sacs an absolute fab idea for great fun at sleepovers!

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