With summer right around the corner (again!) many parents are desperately searching for something to keep the kids occupied over the next 8 weeks. Depending on where you live and the size of your garden, there are many fantastic outdoor garden games available that your children will absolutely love. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

If you’ve ever heard of the table game Connect 4, you’ll love Giant Connect 4. The table version has been popular for over 30 years and this newer, much bigger version is sure to please the kids as well. Connect 4 is basically checkers but played vertically because of the vertical game board and Giant Connect 4 has one of the biggest we’ve ever seen! Just putting the checkers into the vertical game board is a challenge and fun for many smaller children.

Speaking of giant games based on old board games,  Giant Jenga is another favorite that will keep the kids busy for hours on end. Just like the original game, with Giant Jenga  two or more people can take turns trying to remove tower pieces and place them on top without tumbling the Giant Jenga  tower. This is not only a kid’s favorite but a real hoot at adult parties as well. (Just FYI.)

One of the oldest types of yard games, Croquet has been a kid’s favorite for decades. When purchasing a Croquet set, keep in mind that there are sets specifically made for children, with lighter balls and wickets that aren’t dangerously sharp, as opposed to some croquet sets that are made specifically for adults. Croquet is a game of skill and also a bit of patience and, if you have toddlers, possibly not your first choice.


Chess is another game that has been around for eons and probably isn’t the first game that comes to mind when you think about outdoor garden games. However, Giant Chess sets are just that, chess sets with gigantic pieces and playing boards that can take up a considerable amount of yard when set up. These same boards can also be used to play another summertime garden favorite, Giant Checkers. Both of these games of fun and skill will keep the kids occupied and out of mum’s hair.


Of course, when you’re talking summer you’re talking hot, humid days and there’s nothing that kids like better than to play with on those days than hose pipes and sprinklers. When the temperatures get up in the 80s and possibly 90s there are plenty of yard games that incorporate water in one way or another, including Slip & Slide, a simple little game that turns any grassy area into a waterslide almost instantly.


There are a number of manufacturers that make Backyard Bowling sets and these can be a whole lot of fun for not just the kids but the entire family. With lightweight pins that can be found that are made to look like all sorts of different characters, all you need is a smoothly mowed lawn and you’re ready to have a lot of summer fun. The best part is that there are no bowling shoes needed as you can play the game in your bare feet!


A good old (or new) playhouse from Room To Grow is ideal for your little ones to spend their garden hours soaking up the Vitamin D (with suncream on of course – Slip, Slap Slop!)



Summer is definitely a time to spend outdoors, enjoying the fresh summer air and letting the kids run off a lot of energy. All of the games listed above would be a great addition to any family’s game-time and, when  the kids are bored and driving mum and dad crazy, they can be whipped out for hours of summer time fun. Have a great summer!

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