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Space: the final frontier. Even if you think you’ve got lots of it in your home, it soon runs out once kids come into the mix. If your little ones have got a lot of stuff and that stuff tends to get everywhere, here are some genius organisational ideas to keep their bedroom (space)shipshape.

messy room

Especially useful if your little one is a bit of a space cadet.

On The Bench

Building a play den that’s in need of seating and storage? Then a cube storage unit is your new best friend. Simply turn it on its side, top with cushions, et voila! You’ve got a comfy bench with built in cubby holes for storing all sorts of goodies.


Turn boring book storage into a beautiful installation in its own right with a rainbow-hued book display. Simply grab a white open facing book case and get your little ones to store their books in colour order. They’ll be able to find their favourites more easily and having a pattern to follow will make them much more likely to put books back on the shelf.


Red and yellow and pink and tidy…

Bunk Bed Buddies

If you’ve got little’uns sharing a room, space becomes even more of an issue. While the bottom bunk is normally the least popular option, at least it comes with a bedside table. If your top bunker normally goes to sleep with a bed full of books and toys then help them out with a nifty bunk bed buddy.

Dress Up Time

Anyone with a fancy dress box or chest knows the pain of finding it half open with its contents strewn everywhere. Save your little ones from having to pull the whole lot by displaying all their dressing up stuff on a hanging rail instead. They’ll be able to find what they want without making a mess and they’ll feel like a movie star.


The biggest foe to a tidy bedroom is bits. From little plastic toys and hair bands to coins and pencil sharpeners, the littlest things are the hardest to organise. This is when jars and tin cans come into their own. Infinitely customisable (you can paint them, label them or even cut tins in half and stick them to a board to create a cute organiser), these are the perfect bits’n’bobs solution.


Store your jars on a wooden bookcase for extra interior design points.

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