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Breaks from school are something every family looks forward to and enjoys. However, getting back on track after the holidays, spring break, and summer vacation can be a real challenge. There are some things you can do to make the transition easier.

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  • For each day
  • For schedule changes

Before the break is over, plan for the first day back. Then, for the first week, continue to plan and prepare for each day. Make sure clothes are picked out, lunches prepared, and backpacks and briefcases ready to go. Preparation can avoid surprises that can stress family members.

Let everyone know when they need to get back on schedule so they can prepare in advance for a return to normal everyday school and work activities. Check school schedules and calendars online, and go through the mail for any updates that may have been mailed from school or work.  Preparation means you will have fewer complaints when that first day back arrives.


  • For recreation
  • For exercise

Make sure that you have plans in place for recreation. Have fun and relaxing things for family members to do alone and together. Alone time can help each individual refresh and relax. And activities as a family can create lasting memories and provide a bonding time.

An exercise program is, by nature, regimented and forces you to establish a routine. Even if the rest of your life seems to be in disarray, if you make it a point to exercise at the same time every day it will help you get back into the flow of an organized routine.


  • A routine
  • A healthy diet

During the break, try to keep the hours for daily activities as close to what they would be during a non-break day. Try to eat meals at the same time and make sure you get sufficient sleep. If there is too much of a variation from your normal routine, it is hard to get back on track after the holidays.

Two benefits of good nutrition are more energy and mental clarity. Both will help you achieve goals you set for yourself at school and at work. Energy is needed for your planned recreation and exercise. Also, nutritious meals eaten routinely at the same time every day will help you stay organized in other areas of your life.


Do not let yourself get discouraged. If one day does not go as you had hoped, make a fresh start the next day. Focus on one day at a time. Each day repeat what was successful the previous day and replace what wasn’t.

Try to keep the each day’s schedule consistent. The less variation you have, the less chance for trying to accomplish too much and becoming overwhelmed and discouraged.

If you prepare for each day and schedule changes; plan for recreation and exercise, and maintain a routine and a good diet, you and your family can successfully return to a normal life after the excitement and spontaneity of the holiday season or break.

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