Dear Mum,

For the purposes of this blog posting, forget letters to Father Christmas, think letters to Mum about birthday presents. So, please Mum, can I have a new mural in my bedroom for my birthday?

As a parent you need to pay attention to my creative development. You must agree that it’s important to keep me stimulated so that means updating the look of my bedroom please. It’s sooooo last year, don’t you agree? And anyway, as I grow up you have to expect my tastes to change, lets face it, you’re always introducing me to wonderful new things so PLEASE can I have a mural for my birthday?

You can always buy a mural to put up in my room like a piece of wall paper. There are so many around to choose from, if you’re not sure which one to buy you could just ask me.  The pictures are really bright and will look great. The only thing is Mum, they don’t always fit the exact size of the wall so for all that money I might end up with a border around my mural and that defeats the object a bit doesn’t it. You can also find peel and stick murals.  They should probably be called stick and peel off and stick again coz that’s what you can do with them.  Great if you are the sort of parent who can’t make up your mind Mum!

You know you are always telling me to eat my vegetables because they are home grown and they are good for you, well a home grown mural can be good for you as well. Now we’re really talking. You don’t need to be a brilliant artist for this to work. All you need is an overhead projector.  You remember those things from school?  You can hire them from lots of places like local libraries, craft shops, school may even let you borrow one. Then all you need is a pattern to project on my bedroom wall. You can make your own with a cheap, blank acetate and a set of narrow markers.  Then all you have to do is trace over a picture, shove it on the overhead and copy it onto the wall. The final bit just needs you to fill in the colours but remember Mum, I’ll be looking to make sure you colour in between the lines and don’t go over them. Don’t forget you can also chat up someone in a local DIY store and see if they have any tester pots of paint you could have.  It’s a great way of keeping the cost down.

There are also plenty of places where you can buy patterns for murals.  I really fancy the idea of a pirate treasure map or maybe a Tyrannosaurus Rex tucking into a brontosaurus for lunch?  Can you find one for me?  It should be easy for someone who knows shopping on the internet thingy as well as you do.

I do hope this has given you some ideas about how to get me a mural for my birthday mum but get a move on, it’s the day after tomorrow!

You favourite son


PS – I know I’m the only son but it makes me feel good.

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