Whilst I moan about it being football season, it’s not just boys who can play football. My eldest daughter loves all sports and taking after her dad, she has fallen in love with football. She is a lefty (really cool in the world of football apparently!). Phew no need to go on and try for that boy. I’m all C-Sectioned out!

I think she totally rocks the football player look and after watching her first training session, I feel so proud that she is giving the boys a run for their pocket money! She got stuck in, scored a few goals and even fell over but just got up, rubbed her little knee and carried on. GO GIRL!

When she gets home, she jumps in a hot bath and then goes on to fully pamper herself back into the little lady she is. She is back to fussing over her hair, clothes and even begging for her nails to be painted.



So, for those that think girls can’t play football, girls can play football. They can also play with train sets and dinosaurs too.


Written by our regular contributor Emma.

Website: http://www.theprmummy.com
Twitter: @theprmummy

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