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When you choose furniture for your child’s room, make sure you consider ways to help them relax and be comfortable. Creating a space designed with your children’s size and interests in mind will help you provide awesome furniture, no matter what your child’s age.


Provide Relaxing Seating

Your child needs more than one place to sit in their room. Seating must be appropriate for the activity and needs of your child.

  • Make sure their desk chair is the right height and ergonomically designed for a child. A swivel chair works well for a school-aged child.
  • Provide a comfortable seat for reading and vegging out – a beanbag chair works well. In addition to the classic round beanbag, there are also squares and cubes available.
  • Toddler’s love a rocking chair designed just for them. Choose one that matches your child’s bedroom theme.
  • If your room has enough space, consider a child-size table with chairs.

Create an Inviting and Relaxing Sleep Space

Your child will spend at least a third of their day sleeping, so make sure their bed is comfortable and inviting. Choose the softest sheets you can find. In the winter, consider lightweight flannel sheets. Pile on a comforter or quilt and add a mound of throw pillows in your child’s favourite colour.

Loft and bunk beds create perfect, relaxing space for children over six years of age. Add a tent or curtain for the space below the bed to create a relaxing cubby for reading or homework.

Cover Floors with Quiet and Comfortable Rugs

Children love to sit on the floor and play. A low pile rug of 100% wool will keep them warm and works well with toy cars and trucks. Choose a pattern such as bright strips, stars, or dots or, alternatively, a pirate map or other fun play surface.

Choose Relaxing Colours

Cool colours are soothing, making them the perfect choice for a relaxing bedroom. Colours from nature, such as green and blue, have a very calming effect. A light grey or beige works well on walls and, of course, white is always calming, so try combining it with your child’s favourite colour. If you choose to paint the walls your child’s favourite colour, make sure you choose the lightest hue available.

Tips for Creating a Relaxing Room with Awesome Furniture

  • Consider indirect or recessed lighting that highlights specific pieces of furniture and areas of activity.
  • Choose furniture with soft, rounded lines.
  • Consider using all neutrals, such as white, grey, and beige for walls, furniture and bed coverings, and then using your child’s favourite colour for accessories. This makes it easy to change the colour or theme of your child’s room as they grow older.
  • Provide shades, curtains, or blinds that pull down to create a cool, shadowy feel.
  • For an older child, go for texture – a fluffy rug, cuddly comforter, and plenty of soft throws.

With some planning and preparation, you can easily give your kids room to relax with these awesome furniture ideas. The key is choosing your child’s favourites, and then softening all of them with curves, lighting, and comfortable fabrics.

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