Good Friday: Fun Easter Activities


Help those little chicks out of their eggs and release the bunnies because it’s Easter Time! With its bright colours, baby animals, and just so much chocolate, it’s no wonder that Easter is one of our children’s favourite times of the year. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to entertain your little ones during the Easter holidays, look no further…


Farm Day


‘Tis the season for cute baby animals so it’s the perfect time to take your children to a family farm. From seeing chicks hatch to feeding baby lambs, family farms all over the country have hundreds of Easter activities happening over the holidays so get on Google to find your nearest one.


Egg Wars


A fun activity for rainy days, Egg Tapping is a traditional Easter game that has been practised since medieval times. All you have to do is hard boil a batch of eggs and then let your children decorate their eggs however they please (food dye works great as well as non-toxic paint – remember, these eggs are for tapping, not for eating!). Once each child is happy with their egg, it’s time to go to battle! Have them tap their eggs against each other; the first egg not to crack wins. We do however recommend adult supervision for this game as, speaking from experience, older siblings can sometimes get a little too egg smash happy for younger players…


Easter Egg Hunt


Another classic, the Easter Egg hunt can be adapted to any space indoors or outdoors so doesn’t have to be weather-dependent. If you don’t want a whole horde of kids hopped up on sugary chocolate rampaging around your house, you can always hide plastic eggs or other trinkets then give a prize to the child who finds the most.


Easter Science


If you’ve got a little one with a big brain or a brood that is particularly curious or inventive, Easter themed science experiments are a great way to spend the holidays. From Easter egg bubble wands to seasonally pastel slime, here’s a great list of activities to be getting on with.

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