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Summer is here and time to keep the kids busy and entertained. Select from the following great toys for summer fun for active days outside or cool indoor fun.

Water Toys

Any toy involving water is great for those hot summer days. A wading pool, slip and slide, squirt guns, or simply a garden sprinkler to run through all provide a way to cool off and have fun.

While water is available, bubble blowing provides entertainment for children of every age. Check on-line for bubble blowers capable of blowing giant bubbles or simply mix up some dish soap and water, form a loop with thin wire, and blow away.

Swing Sets

A sturdily constructed swing set will provide your children with years of summer fun. Choose a well-protected location that is shaded during the hottest portion of the day.

Children in sand-box


Sandboxes provide an inexpensive way for younger children to have hours of fun. Build your own or purchase one. Make sure your sandbox is covered when not in use so that the sand stays clean and dry. Set in a shady spot and provide toy trucks for making roads. Purchase inexpensive beach toys such as shovels and pails for added fun.

Table Games and Puzzles

On those super-hot summer days, your kids are not going to go outside for an extended period of time, table games provide the perfect alternative for an inside afternoon.  To keep interest high, create competition with winners playing against each other. You can also set up two jig jaw puzzles with the same number of pieces and have a race to see who finishes first.

Lawn Games

Your children might baulk at first when you suggest some of these “old-fashioned” lawn games. However, as soon as play begins, they will discover the fun that has made these family favourites for years. Consider the following games:

  • Backyard Croquet

Played with hoops and pegs, croquet helps children develop eye-hand co-ordination as they knock the balls through the hoops. Consider purchasing an introductory children’s lawn croquet set, sized with children in mind.

  • Badminton (or Battledore and Shuttlecock)

The goal of this game is to hit a shuttlecock backwards and forwards across a net with a simple bat as many times as possible without allowing it to hit the ground. Make sure the net is at the right height for the players’ ages and sizes.

  • Quoits

A simple game of skill and accuracy, quoits improves hand-eye coordination. The goal of the game is to throw rings over a set distance and land over or near a spike driven into the ground. Any number of players or teams can play quoits, so it is great when your kid’s friends come over.

  • Skittles

Skittles is also referred to as lawn bowling. Players use balls to knock over nine wooden pins or skittles in a diamond formation. Younger children can simply see who knocks over the most pins, while tweens and teens will enjoy keeping score.

Selecting great toys for summer fun keeps your children occupied and entertained. On hot summer days, play in the water or have a table game or puzzle marathon inside. Placing wading pools, sandboxes, and swing sets in shady areas of your yard make it possible for your kids to have fun on even the hottest summer days. In the evening, get out the lawn games for family fun. Here’s to a great summer!



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