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There is no life we know to compare with pure imagination… With loads of new research into learning through play, it’s becoming ever more apparent that playtime is just as important for children as school time and that active learning and creativity play a huge part in a child’s development.

With that in mind, we’re looking at play spaces in the home and the little things you can do to transform them into havens for fun and imagination.

Bright Ideas

It should go without saying but the last thing a play space should be is boring. Little minds require lots of stimulation and a great way to create an exciting and stimulating space is with bright colours. You can use colourful children’s furniture, like the gorgeous Smartie Pants collection, popping wallpaper, bright beanbags, or anything else you fancy to make the space look more appealing.


Bright rooms for bright minds.

Nature Child

We’re not saying you need to bring a menagerie into your home (although if you have the space…) but things like worm farms, bug hotels, and stick insects are all fairly low-maintenance projects you can introduce to a play space to make it more interesting as well as encouraging curiosity and active learning. Bringing nature into a playroom is also great if you don’t have much outdoors space; get your little ones to decorate flower pots, teach gardening with indoor planters, or even lay artificial grass for a fun and fresh addition new look.


We should probably clarify that we recommend keeping bug hotels firmly outside.

Favourite Things

If your child’s play area feels a little drab and boring at the moment, deciding on a fun theme can be an easy way to transform the space into a cohesive wonderland. From rocking pirate ships to table and chairs sets fit for a princess and cool teepes, there’s furniture for everyone’s favourite theme, while a wall mural (or free wall decals if you’re not so handy with a paintbrush) can really transport your little ones to another world.


Where could be more fun to play than in an undersea kingdom?

Smart Storage

Of course no play space is any good if it’s constantly filled up with clutter. The key to transforming a messy playroom is storage, storage, storage; and it doesn’t have to be boring either. Smart storage should add to the room whilst being neat and easy to use (so the kids can put their own things away!). Think funky boxes and bags, modern wall storage units, and cute themed toy boxes.


Tidy fun is the best sort of fun after all, right parents?

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