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It’s nearly that time of year when teachers rejoice and parents groan; yes folks, half-term is on the horizon. If the thought of a whole week of entertaining your little ones fills you with dread, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Simply sit down, take a deep breath and follow our guide very carefully…

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You can save this until at *least* Wednesday.

Set-Up Shop

When it comes to avoiding half-term horror stories, your best bet is to make like a Scout and BE PREPARED. This means starting out by doing a massive holiday shop, preferably online if you want to make life even easier for yourself. Getting everything you need together will avoid any stressful holiday shopping trips with bored kids. We’re not just talking snacks and squash either; try to stockpile plenty of crafty items, ingredients for easy cooking, paints and other things you can use to keep little minds occupied over the week.

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“Right that should see us through to Monday afternoon.”

Pin Down Ideas

The internet is an amazing font of creative and fun activities to keep children entertained but the last thing you want to be doing is frantically browsing for ideas while your brood lay waste to the house. Get a headstart on planned projects by starting a Pinterest board of fun things to do right now (take a look at our Room to Grow pins for inspiration!).

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Half-term is also a great time to trick your kids into helping out with all those household chores you’ve been meaning to tend to.

Working 9-5

If you, your partner or both of you are in work, the holidays can be even trickier. Again, the key is preparation. Start a shared calendar for yourself, your partner, grandparents, friends and whoever else is involved in caring for your children so that you can all keep up-to-date with who is responsible for which days. There are also plenty of holiday clubs available to keep little ones safe and entertained during working hours so be sure to check out what’s happening in your area.

Don’t forget though, when you are at home it’s time to unplug from work. Holiday time with the children should be enjoyable so you don’t want to bring any job stresses home with you. Enjoy time with your little ones and leave those worries in the office!

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Aaaand relax…

Helping Hands

It’s also very important to remember that you don’t have to juggle everything alone! During busy times like the half-term holidays it’s crucial to rely on any help you have available. From child care to babysitters to grandparents, make sure you have a few people you can call on if you need to work or just take a little time-out. If you have other friends with children, why not organise swap dates so you both get some time off?

So there you have it, it’s really as simple as that. With a little preparation and careful organisation you could actually enjoy this half-term…

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Leave that holiday fear behind, mums and dads. You got this.

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