Helping your little one choose what to wear for Halloween can be tricky; no child wants to be the 17th witch at the party after all. This All Hallows Eve, forget vampires and black cats and pop your kid into one of these adorable (and hilarious) costumes instead.


Babies Halloween

Just because babies might not be able to walk around trick or treating doesn’t mean they can’t join in the fun too. In fact this is the age where you should take advantage of the fact that your baby is completely unable to protest against your costume choices. For very young babies, our favourite costume has to be the classic burrito. All you have to do is wrap your little one in green felt (for the lettuce), round pieces of red felt (for tomatoes), and a final beige-coloured felt for the burrito itself. It’s easy to make, will keep baby cosy on chilly Halloween nights, and – most importantly – it’s highly entertaining.

If you’re heading out and about, why not incorporate your baby’s transport into the costume too? Whether you fancy a spaceship, an old car, or a clever iPhone that makes it look like baby is on the screen, there’s no limit to what you can do with cardboard and a pushchair.

Toddlers and Crawlers

Toddler Halloween

If you’re creating a costume for a toddler, the keyword to think of is: durable. That’s why we can’t resist a Minions costume for our little wanderers. All you need is yellow facepaint, a yellow top, some dungarees, and some cardboard specs and you’ll have an instantly iconic costume that’s comfy for little ones to run around in.

If you’ve got a not-yet-toddler who still needs a little help moving around, why not make them a tiny zimmerframe and dress them up as an adorable elderly person? Or, if crawling is still the name of the game, pop on a green onesie and a cardboard shell et voila: instant tortoise.

Kids and Tweens

Tween Halloween

If your little ones are slightly less little then Halloween becomes even more fun as this is the time you can spend hours crafting costumes together. Plus, you now get to show them off to the neighbours on trick or treat trips.

Personally, we can’t get enough of pop culture costumes for kids. Got a boy and a girl? Why not dress them up as Pugsley and Wednesday Addams? Twins? How about Dr Seuss’s Things 1 and 2. Feeling particularly cruel? Why not pop a Jigsaw mask on your little one, give them a tricycle and watch the neighbours flee in terror. Okay, maybe that one’s a bit mean…


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