It’s that spooky time of year again, and what better way to celebrate than with a fantastic bash?  As the full moon rises, it’s time for you to reveal your true monster identity….on the dance floor! Kids love dressing up and playing themed games, and it’s no secret that adults do too, so Halloween is the perfect time to throw a party for all the family. From outfit ideas, decoration and scary, yummy treats, check out our guide below to throw the perfect Halloween party for your kids, family or friends!

Decoration: Giant Pom-Pom Spiders

If you’re looking for some DIY decoration inspiration, there’s nothing cuter (sorry, scarier!) than these giant pom-pom spiders. They are easy to make with a shop bought decorative pom-pom (or you could make your own with some tissue paper) and some white and black card for the eyes and legs. You can attach them with glue, tape or staples, whichever is easier! You could make several and hang them from the roof, put them on the walls, and maybe even in the entrance to your party to scare the incoming guests! You could also improvise and use the same pom-poms to make vampire bats, or other Halloween creatures.

Dress Up: Bandaged Mummy

Run! Hide! The mini mummy is coming to get you! This adorable mummy outfit would also look great on anyone, from toddler to teenager. All you need is some cheap bandages and then you can get wrapping, from head to toe. If you can’t get hold of enough bandages you could also just use toilet paper and do another couple of layers to ensure it doesn’t rip off. You can use tape, safety pins, hair-bobbles or clothing items such as belts to hold the bandages in place and then – voila! You have your own spooky mummy! The hat in the picture is a nice touch, but you could also get a mummy mask to make the outfit a lot creepier, or maybe even some spooky mummy face paint!

Food: Dracula’s Dentures

These scary yet tasty Halloween treats are easy to make and also look great! You can make Dracula’s dentures out of cookies, marshmallows, icing with red food colouring and almonds or peanuts! The cookies can be shop bought, or you could go all out and bake your own. Then you simply split them in half, add the icing with red colouring, and then place the marshmallows in between. To finish it all off you add the nut slivers to the front to make the fangs, and there you have it! Dracula’s dentures, a spooky but definitely yummy treat for your guests of any age to enjoy at your Halloween bash.

Drink: Fanta Floats

A variation on  the traditional cola float, these Fanta floats are a great Halloween twist to keep your guests from getting thirsty at the party! They are made from vanilla ice cream and orange Fanta, and here they have been placed in a cute yet creepy pumpkin cup. They are incredibly simple to make – you place a scoop of ice cream into the Fanta and let science do the rest (the carbon dioxide is the soda reacts with the ice-cream to create the frothy, bubbly drink). You can stir the mix a little to get the froth on top – absolutely yummy! Straws are a good idea, but a spoon may also be necessary for the ice cream. This is a great one for kids, but adults can definitely enjoy them too, so they are a must-have for any Halloween party!

Activity: Pumpkin Bowling

Pumpkin bowling is cheap, easy to prepare and an awesome activity for all the family. All you need is a pumpkin (of course), and something to use as bowling pins – here toilet paper ghosts have been used and stacked (aren’t they adorable!?) but you could also paint monsters onto tin cans, or even use plastic cups with spooky faces on them. For the bowling ball, poke three holes into the pumpkin for the grips (bearing in mind the hand size of the people playing the game – you could always have some smaller/bigger pumpkins if you have a mix of ages). If you don’t want to get your hands covered in pumpkin goo, you could invest in some thin plastic gloves as protection from the mess!

Activity: Spider Races

This is a change from the traditional apple bobbing races, which can be a little messy it must be said. All you need for this one is some straws, a couple of spiders, and a table to race on.  The rules are simple, each person is given a straw and a spider, which they place on the start line. They must then blow their spider with their straw across to the other side – whoever’s spider crosses the finish line first is the winner! Chunky straws are ideal as they are more robust than normal straws, especially in the hands of kids!

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