We all lead jam-packed lives (especially if little ones are involved) which often leaves us struggling to make time for ourselves. Our well-being is usually not a priority. So with this in mind, here’s some simple tips for brightening your daily routine to celebrate Happiness Happens Month!

  1. Exercise – research shows that just 1 hour of physical activity of some sort is one of the most dependable boosters of mood. Although finding the time may be hard at first, that evening gym class or walk in the park with the dog could really be more beneficial that you think. While trying something completely different to your usual routine will also leave you feeling accomplished especially if it’s something you really enjoy. This dedicated me-time will impact your happy mood which will rub off onto the rest of the family too.
  2. Be grateful – focus on the positive elements of your day and appreciate what you have accomplished and the people around you. We often take things for granted and don’t realise how blessed we are. Try taking the time to write down 5 things that you are thankful for daily in a little notebook to remind yourself.
  3. Balance – every day we are constantly juggling work and family life and sometimes we get so engrossed in problems at work that our mind struggles to switch off. Don’t spend so much time making a living that you forget to appreciate the simple joys such as time at home. There’s no replacement for quality time with your family and friends.
  4. Forgive and forget – avoid holding grudges at all costs as there is no doubt this negatively affects your outlook and causes you to feel miserable. See negative situations as a lesson learnt rather than letting them affect your happiness.
  5. Live in the moment – aim to remember that the past cannot be changed and in many ways you also have no control of the future. This way
  6. Give something back – of course your priority is always yourself but helping others has also been proven to be beneficial for our health. Support your community and try volunteering at your local charity shop or youth club for instance. This is sure to boost your self-esteem and psychological well-being, therefore make you feel happier! It feels good to make an impact on someone else’s life.
  7. Get outside – after a long day at work stepping away from your computer screen, removing your head out of your phone and taking some time out can work wonders. Even a short walk around the block can be refreshing and gives you time to de-stress while reflecting on the day. Although the British weather may deter this at times a bit of fresh air in your day is sure to lift morale.
  8. Be less judgemental – avoid beating yourself up and instead understand that no one despite what you may think actually has a perfect life. Once you have established this you will be more accepting of your own, both good and bad and therefore be happier as a person. Every cloud really does have a silver lining.
  9. Eat healthily – Sometimes simple things can have the biggest impact and what you eat directly affects how you feel both mentally and physically. Cut out junk food and swop for healthier choices and you will reap the benefits.
  10. And finally, SMILE more!

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