If there is one universal truth about children it is that they love to play dress-up. All you need to do is look at the popularity of Halloween to see that fact in play. That being said, if you’re keen on throwing a fancy dress party for your child’s birthday or other occasion there are so many possibilities that you’ll never run out of ideas. With that in mind we have a few suggestions and a bit of advice below that will help guide you. Enjoy.

Depending on why you’re having the party and for whom, you’ll want to decide what kind of dress party it will be. For example, if the party is for your daughter she may insist that everyone come dressed as a princess whereas, if your son is the birthday boy, he may want everyone dressed as pirates. Once you’ve determined this, your task of designing party bags, making decorations and what type of food to buy will be much easier.

Similar to the suggestion above you may consider a theme for your child’s dress-up party that is in line with whatever popular trend, TV show or movie they happen to like. Of course, these types of parties generally tend to cost mum and dad a bit more money because the decorations, food and so forth are a bit more specific. Besides that, sometimes it’s just as much fun to let the kids use whatever type of costume that they like. My son, for example, used his Power Rangers Halloween costume for over a year after Halloween, at home and at several parties that he attended.

Like any party a fancy dress party for your child will need a bit of advance preparation. You’ll need invitations and they’ll need to be sent out with enough advance time so that the invited children, and their parents, can get any costumes or other needed supplies and be prepared.

As far as food is concerned, there are many things that you can do to extend the theme over into the cake and other food items. Cupcakes with eye-patches on them for a pirate party or with flower designs for a garden fairy party will go far towards making the theme and the party more impressive.


Decorations of course can be made to suit the theme and, with enough prep time, you can really do some fantastic stuff. Using cardboard and paint you can make all sorts of fantastic things and have a great time with your child at the same time. There are many online resources that you can refer to for homemade decorations that will not only look fantastic but also help keep your party budget in line.


One last suggestion is that you purchase disposable cameras and let the kids have some fun. This can be a little pricey but, as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words and sometimes a picture can also be the best memento of a great party and a super fun they spent with family and friends. When all is said and done, what you’ll be left with great memories that will last a lifetime.

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