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Stompa Uno 3 Cabin Bed

Any parent with a small child must know that their little one is learning all the time.  It starts during the first few weeks as baby learns who the parents are, who provides the milk (the most important thing in their world right now) and that crying usually brings Mum or Dad promptly.

During the first year, it really is a case of “monkey see, monkey do” as baby learns to copy parents and other family members – this is how baby learns to be a human being.  During the first few years, especially the pre-school years, your little one will learn at an astonishing rate – crawling, walking, talking, eating with a spoon – this really is a delightful time for parents.  Learning comes naturally to baby – it’s his/her job and he’s likely to take it really seriously.  It’s a time of intense learning for parents too – learning how to fit this little newcomer into their busy lives and, most important of all, learning how to be the best teacher you possibly can for your child.

As your little one grows and reaches school age, learning becomes much more of a formal undertaking.  Schools nowadays know the value of learning through play – it is the most effective way of learning and requires little in the way of real effort from the kids – they just do what comes naturally.

Many kids in the UK nowadays are set homework by their class teachers – even quite young children.  This is a great opportunity for parents to carry on being involved in the learning process as they help with the homework.  You get to know exactly what your child is learning in school and keep up to date with what’s going on in the academic world of your little one’s school.

Once a child starts getting homework to do, we as parents need to help them develop a responsible attitude towards their learning.  Make sure your child has a dedicated space in which to work on their homework, especially if they have siblings.  They will need to get used to concentrating on the homework until it’s finished.  This will be much easier for the child if he has a dedicated space where he can do his school work undisturbed.

Chances are that at about the same time your child is starting school, you will be looking to upgrade his bedroom from a baby bedroom to a child’s bedroom.  If you plan the bedroom carefully, you should be able to incorporate a great little workspace for homework.  One of the best ways to do this is to opt for a cabin bed with a desk underneath.  A cabin bed in a child’s room is a really stylish way of making the most of the available floor space, especially in modern homes, where bedrooms are often on the small size.

Cabin beds come in all sorts of styles and offer a really versatile solution in a kid’s room.  Choosing a bed with a desk underneath will ensure that your child has a dedicated space for both doing and storing important school work, which is a great way of teaching him to organise his important papers, books, etc in a tidy manner.  No more running round the house at breakfast time, looking for stuff that is vital for school – it will all be stored neatly under the cabin bed.  The desks that come with cabin beds usually have enough space for a child to do some homework, with some drawers/cupboard space to store pencils, felts, stationery and schoolbooks.

If you’re choosing the furniture before your child reaches school age (or before homework starts being set), then this is a great space for drawing, craft activities, etc.  This is a useful way of getting your child to take responsibility for all his important stuff ready for when the homework years begin.

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