Beds take up a great deal of space in a bedroom. The average dimensions of a single bed are 90 cm x 190 cm. However, a bed is a necessity, so consider the alternative of a high bed. High sleeper beds have a frame that raises the bed high enough above the floor to provide a space underneath usable for many different purposes.  Additionally, high beds can be set against a wall, freeing up even more floor space for playing and other activities.

High beds are the perfect space saving solution for your child’s room as the space underneath has many different uses, depending upon the age and personality of your child. Here are some ideas for utilizing the space under the high bed for various age groups:

  • Use the Space as a Play Area

Young children will love having the space under the high bed serve as a castle or fort. Use a curtain to enclose the space and create a sense of mystery. Add shelves or storage containers for frequently used toys. Remember that, for safety’s sake, high beds are best for children six years of age or older, as a ladder must access the sleeping area.

  • Create a Study and Reading Area

When your child is school-aged, a high bed with a desk, shelves, and a comfortable place to sit while doing homework saves space in the room and provides a comfortable and enjoyable study area. Make sure you provide sufficient lighting for the under-bed space.

  • Set up an Entertainment Center

Your preteen can create a multi-media center with a computer, game console, and television with comfortable seating – perhaps a beanbag chair.

  • Utilize the Space for a Teen to Chill Out

Teenagers want privacy and a high bed provides the ability for your teen to create a special, private place. They can design the space to suit whatever activities they enjoy and express their individuality.

Additionally, a high bed saves space by making it possible to limit or eliminate other furniture, due to the multiple uses for the space underneath the bed. Use your under-bed space for one or more of the following:

  • Storage – closet, drawers, shelves, and rods for clothes
  • Study Area – desk, chair, computer, book shelf
  • Entertainment Area – TV, video game console
  • Play Area – toy box, shelves for toys, storage for large toys such as a dollhouse or race track
  • Other Furniture – a second bed, futon, small couch, desk, or table and chair

Incredibly versatile, fun, and attractive, many families find that a high bed is a perfect solution for freeing room space. Of course, a small bedroom benefits from the addition of a high bed. However, high beds make such an enjoyable addition to your child’s room that you should consider one even if you child’s room is large.

High beds are convenient, economical, and fun, no matter what the age or personality of your child. Truly, high beds are the perfect space saving solution.

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