Whether it be in your local park, favourite seaside spot or even at home in the back garden, dining outside in the fresh air is essential for those sunny afternoons throughout the school holidays. After all everything tastes better in the great outdoors right? To ensure everything runs as smoothly as can be at your family picnic, preparation is vital before you head off.

First Things First

Before you begin you’ll need a picnic basket or something similar which is sturdy enough to transport all the necessary goodies and convenient to carry. Picnic blankets are essential depending on the size of your group to allow everyone space to spread out while embracing the fresh air. Sure to be an exciting change to the standard dinner table!

Stay Cool

As much as we all dream of beautiful sunny days, keeping your picnic goodies cool can be a difficult task when exposed to high temperatures. Try freezing bottles of water before you leave and adding to your basket, this works a treat as a substitute for standard ice packs and can be drunk once melted. This also leaves more room for more yummy snacks instead! Alternatively try freezing grapes to use as ice cubes to give your drinks that fruity Summer twist. Insulated cool bags are also great for ensuring your snacks stay fresh for longer, no one wants their chocolate biscuits melting away!

Salad Jar

When it comes to the most important element of a picnic, the food, it’s important you pack well and choose airtight containers which will survive on a journey. Choose practical dishes and snacks while avoiding things that will melt instantly such as ice lollies. Convenience is key.

With this in mind nothing says Summer like a refreshing salad and they’re super easy to put together too! Make sure yours don’t go soggy on route by using mason jars or recycle old jam jars to separate ingredients. This way it will be in the same condition when you arrive at your picnic as when you left the house. Desserts could also work equally well transported in jars. Remember to take chopping boards too to help create flat surfaces when laying out the food and avoid spillages.

Hunger Games

Besides the essential napkins, cutlery and paper plates, remember the important task to keep the family occupied on your day out. Build up an appetite ready for the delicious picnic you have prepared by bringing games along, even things as simple as a football, a bat and ball or board games will go down a treat. If you fancy some music to add to the al fresco dining setting why not bring a wireless speaker along as well. It’s Summer after all.

Now all that’s left is to find a spot in the middle of nowhere and set up a picnic dream – truly delicious!

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