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Children are children and, if they misbehave every once in a while, it’s actually completely normal. If, for example, you tell them to go to bed one night and they make a fuss or cry because they want to stay up and watch more TV, it really isn’t a big problem. As long as it only happens once in a while it shouldn’t be a big concern.bad behaviour

On the other hand, if you have a child that screams, kicks, cries and yells every time they don’t get what they want, you may be looking at a behavioral problem that needs to be nipped in the bud lest your child struggles with these types of issues for their whole life.

The fact is, most children are very good mimics and will often do exactly what their mother or father do, good or bad. If you’re the type of person that easily gets angry and throws tantrums yourself, you really shouldn’t be surprised if your child begins to do the same thing. If they see you doing it they will believe that that’s the way they are supposed to handle their anger. Just like you, when things don’t go the way they want they will lose control.

That’s why, if you want to make sure that your child isn’t throwing fits every time something doesn’t go their way, you need to be the example that they can follow. Simply put, the type of behavior that you exhibit to your children is the same type of behavior that they’re going to use. If you’re calm and cool when dealing with problems, they will learn to do the same.

It’s also very important to never forget that you are the parent and, because of that, you are the one who should be in control at all times. If you can’t do this and you let your children take advantage of you and walk all over you, after a while that’s exactly what they will do in every situation. Being a parent means taking control, even if your child gets angry with you. (Don’t worry, they’ll get over it pretty fast.)


Teaching your children about rules and consequences is absolutely vital to making sure that they don’t turn into complete brats. If you don’t have some specific rules set down for them to follow it’s going to be hard for them to know if they are actually misbehaving. Setting rules and, in some cases, even writing them down may be an excellent idea as well as writing down the consequences that they will face if they break those rules.

Any rules that you make have to be for every child in the house (unless you really want to cause problems for yourself) including yourself, and all should have to follow them alike. Of course, if you’re the parent of teenagers and toddlers at the same time the consequences for breaking those rules will probably be different, but you should still have them.

Once these rules are in place you need to be firm and not let any of your children get away with breaking them. Letting your child slide every time they break a rule is going to teach them practically nothing besides the fact that, when they break a rule, they can get away with it. Be firm but be fair and you’ll find that your children, except for the occasional outburst, will be quite well-behaved.

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