How to Encourage Your Child to Make Their Own Bed

Posted on 04/04/2018 by Room to Grow

How to Encourage Your Child to Make Their Own Bed

“I’ll let you have one, IF you make your bed!” – how many times have you used this bribe to get your child to, just once, make their bed? If you’re anything like us, this has become a daily occurrence, and not only are your kids sick of hearing it, but so are you! Encouraging your child to tidy their bed isn’t just about taking the cleaning burden off you, it also encourages them to learn to be independent and start taking responsibility for their own belongings.

So, how can you make your child make their own bed without the constant nagging?


Instilling a sense of pride for your child about their bed will help to inspire them to want to keep their space neat and tidy. Encourage them to make the bed on their own by decorating it themselves (within reason). This can be as simple as picking a new duvet set, or perhaps a slightly more drastic make-over like choosing an entirely new bed. Children’s day beds are really popular as they allow your child to have their own bed that can also be converted into a sofa during the daytime, making it a great hang out space for when their friends come over.

Pride for a tidy bed

Big Kid

If your child is obsessed with proving that they are now a big kid, then use this insistence to point out that big children make their own beds all on their own, this may help encourage them to prove just how grown-up they are!

Do It Together

Lead by example. Don’t expect your child to understand how to make a bed without watching you do it first. Show them how  you make your bed each morning, and then help them tidy their own bed. Perhaps you can even turn it into a game, the first person to tidy their bed is the winner.

Child playing on bed


As with all things child-related, rewarding your little one’s good behaviour is a good way to encourage them. Whether you create a reward chart and give them a present once they have collected enough stickers on their chart, or reward them each time they make their bed, is up to you. Healthy rewards, such as strawberries or blueberries, are a good option as, if you are lucky, they will be making their bed every day, and that would be a lot of chocolate!

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