Choosing a cot for baby isn’t easy nowadays with such a bewildering variety to choose from – you can spend hours researching and still not be able to make up your mind.  There are so many issues to take into consideration that it can be hard to think about what it is you really need from a cot.  First and foremost it’s a bed for your baby and getting something that’s of a size to still be usable in six months time makes perfect sense.  Although baby may spend the first weeks or even months in a smaller cradle in the parents’ room, there comes a time when your baby needs to sleep on his/her own.

Obviously, safety is the first issue to take into consideration – the cot will need to comply with current UK legislation and this is easily achieved if you’re buying a new cot.  This is where there can be a disadvantage in buying second-hand.  Even if the used cot you buy is a modern one which does follow safety guidelines, can you be sure that it’s all still in good working order, especially any moving or adjustable parts?  This is why with some items for new baby, it really is best to buy new.

Next will probably come price for most new parents – after all having a baby is a pretty expensive undertaking, there is just sooo much new stuff to get!  Once you’ve determined what you’re willing to pay, you can start looking around.  Do some research online to see what’s available at the price you want to pay.  Narrow down the search by looking for particular styles or sizes or materials and then sort it by price and you’ll start to get some sort of idea of what’s available.

Prices online are very often lower than the same products in High Street shops and buying online can be a much more convenient option (especially for mums to be who may be tired of wandering round shops stocking up ready for baby).  Check out the delivery options offered with cots you like the look of – some companies charge by order rather than by item, meaning you can save quite a lot on delivery costs by purchasing several items from the same online store.

If you’re not too handy with a toolbox, some online baby furniture retailers offer a home  assembly service – you could end up having all your new baby furniture delivered and assembled in the space of a day – how cool!

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