How to Make Your Kids Bedroom Cosy

Posted on 07/05/2020 by Room to Grow
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For children, it is important we understand how to make a bedroom cosy in order to ensure they are getting all the rest they need in order to grow, develop and function daily. A cosy bedroom can differ from person to person but generally making a bedroom cosy would involve making it a secure, safe and personal space centred around the individual child and their interests. We have a wide range of children’s furniture for sale which enables children to create a space they love. A space which is comforting and personal is a space they will want to spend time in. The sleeping environment is one of the main things which can contribute to how well a child is able to sleep; if they aren’t happy with their sleeping space it is likely they won’t want to go bed in the first place and will struggle to fall asleep once they do. That is why one of the most important steps in making a bedroom cosy for a child is to ensure you enlist their thoughts and preferences when designing their room for a start. From there you can include some of these tips to ensure their bedroom is super cosy and inviting to ensure they get the best night’s sleep possible.

Keep it Dark

When it comes to bedtime, the darker the better. There should, ideally, be no source of light. Getting blackout blinds or curtains can help with this, especially in the summer. We understand this isn’t always simple, as some children are scared of the dark. In this case, it is worth investing in a children’s bedroom lamp which emits a warm, relaxing glow rather than harsh light.

Incorporate Different Textures

Including different textures in the room helps to make it feel more comforting and inviting; specifically, fluffy textures such as rugs or carpets. Layering different textures is something interiors designers look to do in all rooms to help bring them to life.

The Psychology of Colour

Warm, neutral colours tend to be considered more cosy colours so therefore work great in bedrooms. For children, these colours may not be as fun as they’d like so you could consider slightly brighter shades such as oranges and yellows. Alternatively, blue is a calming colour which works great in a child’s room, so you may want to consider adding a pop of colour to your child’s bedroom.

Banish the Clutter

Utilise children’s storage and ensure the room is kept tidy and free of clutter, we all know how hard it can be to settle in a messy or cluttered space and children are no different. Making use of various storage ideas will help children keep their bedroom tidy; if you are struggling for space consider make use of multi-functional furniture and wall storage such as shelves. A great way to get children to keep their room tidy ahead of bedtime is to perhaps add tidying into their evening routine so the room is ready for bedtime.

Limit Technology

It will come as no surprise that technology in the bedroom is not advised. The light emitted by screens such as phones, TV’s and tablets can impact sleep quality massively and harms our sleep cycles. Screens such as these emit a blue light which has a direct impact on a hormone produced by the body, melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone which regulates the sleep cycle and blue light can delay the release of this hormone meaning sleep is delayed. The body’s circadian rhythm, our body clock, is then disrupted and our sleeping habits negatively affected.

Make the Bed Inviting

Obviously, the star of the show is the bed itself. Making a kid’s bed cosy goes further than just ensuring they have some quality bed linen, although that is important. Add other fabrics into the mix such as some throws, blankets and cushions to ensure the bed is super cosy and comforting. Ensure you get your child’s input on the bed and bedding, this way they will likely be happier with their bed and more likely to get in it at night.

Cosy Décor and Accessories

This is where you can have a little more fun, add in fairy lights or other ambient lighting as well as fun little accessories such as cushions, wall art and displays. This is another aspect which can be led by your child and their imagination; as we mentioned, if they are happy in their room, they are much more likely to go to bed and sleep soundly.

Although you may have your own specific ideas about what makes a bedroom cosy, be sure to include your child’s thoughts, personality and imagination in their room design as they are never going to find their room comforting or cosy if they don’t feel like it is their space. A great way to find a balance between your ideas and theirs is to let them include their personal touch and interest in the form of accessories or bedding; we have a wide collection of fun kids bedding for sale which will be certain to help them express their personality.

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