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Whilst your little one’s may be partial to a slumber party, sleepovers are enough to make any parent breakout in a cold sweat. Not only do you have to deal with overtired, overexcited children, hyped up on midnight snacks, but the effort that goes into rearranging your child’s furniture to fit in extra mattresses, duvets and pillows is worthy of an Olympic medal. However, if your child does love regular sleepovers, there are certain adjustments you can make to their bedroom in order to ensure the preparation is just a tad less complex.


First, you need to tackle the ever-present problem of the extra beds. Whilst blow-up and z-beds are useful, they need to be assembled and dissembled, which can take time (and gym-like dedication), as well as extra space needed in the bedroom to store the spare bed. But, if you choose wisely, you can purchase your child a bed that incorporates another one too. For example, bunk beds are incredibly useful as they use no extra floor space, even though they have 2 beds. Similarly, many high sleepers also come with beds built in underneath. Or trundle beds include an extra drawer under the frame, that simply needs to be pulled out to become another bed.

Floor Space 

In order to accommodate the extra beds, you need to make sure you have enough floor space. Using shelving units that attach to the wall rather than bookcases can help save valuable space. You can also use a wall mounted hanging rail to hang clothes rather than a wardrobe.


Unless you are the luckiest parent alive, your children probably mistake their bedroom floor for a toy basket. Can you even remember the colour of their carpet, let alone work out how to balance an extra bed on top of the mess? So, having dedicated storage to put their toys away is essential, not just for sleepover purposes but also your own sanity! Toy boxes are great, you can get them in different styles to fit with the bedroom décor, and some even come with wheels on the bottom so they can be easily moved around the room. Storage boxes are also handy to help house the extra bedding; sheets, duvets, pillows. You can also buy storage beds that have in-built drawers, perfect for storing everything from bedding to teddies.

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