How to Make the Most of a Small Children’s Bedroom

Posted on 06/05/2021 by Room to Grow
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In order to make the most of a small kids bedroom it is important to utilise the space available to the best of your ability; you can make the room look bigger through the use of optical illusions, handy storage and multifunctional furniture. The way you decorate the room can also impact how it feels; opt for lighter, brighter colours and shades to open up the space and take note of our favourite kid’s bedroom ideas for small rooms. Discover children’s furniture perfect for small bedrooms at Room to Grow.

A children’s bedroom can get pretty chaotic and if you’re not lucky enough to have the largest home, you’ll need to make the most of every inch of your child’s own space. It’s very important to create a suitable environment to encourage sleep and avoiding a cluttered room is definitely an important factor. The trick to ultimate tidiness is seamless storage, so here are some innovative ideas to make the room go the extra mile.

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Multi-Functional Furniture

In order to make the most of a small room every inch of space should be utilised to its full potential. Each piece of furniture should be multi-functional in some form, so a fantastic way to combat this is with the most important element of a bedroom – the bed! Why not choose a Cabin or Midsleeper style bed which provides various storage options, allowing all your child’s favourite possessions to be neatly stowed away in one place. Toys and games can be cleverly organised into sections rather than being aimlessly pushed under a standard single bed and never to be played with again!

Optical Illusions

One of the sneakier ways you can make a small bedroom look bigger is to utilise optical illusions to the best of your ability. By this we mean, employing the use of mirrors and reflective surfaces in a specific way. If you are lucky enough to have large windows in your kid’s bedroom, this is even better. Large mirrors on the walls as well as other reflective surfaces can help bounce light which in turn will make the room appear much bigger, and reflective surfaces help make the room appear way bigger than it may be.

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Utilise Wall Storage

Small bedrooms unfortunately tend to be lacking on floor space therefore utilise the walls wherever you can. Wall storage such as shelves are a great way to store items which would otherwise clutter the floor or require floor storage. Alternatively, storage such as bookcases are great as they take up minimal floor space and instead are taller in height.

Stick to Light and Bright Colours

Using lighter, brighter colours on the walls helps to open up the room in a similar way to using mirrored surfaces. White walls are generally the best option for this but not everyone is a fan of white therefore instead you could use a pale grey or cream colour for a more neutral palette. Alternatively, as we know kids love a bit of colour, you can use pastel shades of pink, blue and green to liven up the space.

Kid’s Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

If you’re struggling for inspiration, these are some of our favourite ideas for small rooms:

A Midsleeper bed such as this from the Parisot range is the answer to all your storage worries and the simple wood finish is sure to be a winner in any room. Its super cool design features a pull out desk which is perfect for studying, while its ample space saving ideas will appeal to parents too. With this choice of bed you will never run out of room to store that excessive games collection they refuse to part with! What’s more, the ladder is smartly integrated into the bed structure, so there will be no wastage of floor space here either.

Alternatively, choose the Scallywag cabin bed, another fantastic space-saving option for older children aged 6 plus. The combination of a higher design with a roomy chest of drawers and even a desk cleverly tucked away underneath is one of the most multi-functional beds you can get your hands on. Belongings can be neatly tidied away without the need for additional furniture taking up precious room.  For children, their bedroom often also acts as a playroom, so with this in mind when the desk is not being used for homework simply pull out to reveal lots of room to play underneath! A perfect solution when floor space is limited in your little ones cave. Accompany the wall beside the bed with a Bunk Bed Buddy for additional storage for those all important bedtime stories. Simple to install and genius when you don’t have the room to home a free standing children’s bookcase or a bedside table.

By utilising storage capabilities, our range of multi-functional children’s furniture for sale and a clever selection of optical illusions you’ll be sure to create a space which not appears much larger than it might actually be but you’ll also have a fun, creative and personal space for your child to enjoy and sleep in.

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